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Naza Premira Sdn Bhd, the official distributor of Vespa scooters in Malaysia, has introduced three limited edition Vespa scooters – the Vespa 946 (RED), Vespa Sprint Carbon and Vespa Sei Giorni. With a brand tagline of “Not for Everyone”, the Vespa scooters represent the unique and distinctive style of Italian elegance.

EN-946 RED-Brochure.inddThe Vespa 946 (RED) is an all-red version of the classic Vespa 946 scooter and is a highly exclusive model dedicated to aesthetic and technological perfection. As per Vespa tradition, the 946 (RED) has steel bodywork but is embellished with eye-catching aluminium components such as the mudguard and the side covers for the engine and transmission housing. This updated classic scooter is fitted with a double-disc type brake system, a dual-channel Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) and an innovative Anti-Slip Regulation (ASR) traction control system that is exclusive to the Piaggo Group. ASR prevents loss of grip and ensures traction at all times.

The 946 (RED) is powered by a 150 cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine with three valves, and consumes 2l/100km of fuel. The Vespa 946 (RED) is priced at RM66,000 and is only available in red.

If red is not your colour, then have a look at the Vespa Sprint Carbon, which combines a sporty personality and innovative technology. The Sprint Carbon is the most modern version of the Vespa sport idea, using a small and lightweight body made to heighten riding pleasure and safety while embodying the heritage and tradition of the legendary vespino.

Vespa Sprint Carbon_Headlight_MalaysiaThe Vespa Sprint Carbon body is made of steel and designed with bold rectangular headlights and large 12 inch wheels with aluminium alloy rims. It uses the Piaggio Group’s new and ultra-modern i-Get 150 cc air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine with 9.5 kW at 7,750 rpm and 12.8 Nm at 6,500 rpm, capable of brilliant performance, lower operating costs with reduced noise and extremely high overall efficiency.

Further, the Vespa Sprint Carbon is equipped with Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and a USB socket. The Vespa Sprint Carbon is priced at RM17,400 and comes in black.

Last but not least, the Vespa Sei Giorni is the heir to the original Vespa Sport “Sei Giorni” specifically built for the taxing “Sei Giorni Internazionale di Varese” regularity competition of 1951, where it earned 9 gold medals. The Vespa Sei Giorni is a special version, produced in a numbered edition and dons a “Special Edition” plate on its leg shield back plate bearing its serial number.

Vespa Sei Giorni_Limited Edition_MalaysiaThe Vespa Sei Giorni is designed with the characteristic elements such as the “faro basso”: the low position of headlight assembly on the front fender, and the handlebar like the one on the original Vespa Sei Giorni, as well as its iconic exposed metal pipe. Its uniqueness is also enhanced by the black number plate taken directly from the livery of the Vespa, highlighted by all black parts and gritty red details. The scooter also comes with a single-seat look saddle to highlight the sporty spirit of the Vespa Sei Giorni.

For power, the Vespa Sei Giorrni uses the most powerful engine in the history of Vespa scooters – the modern 300 Euro 4 – a single cylinder, four-stroke, four-valve, liquid-cooled, electronic injection engine capable of putting out 15.6kW of power at 7,750 rpm and 22 Nm at 5,000 rpm, ensuring quick response in acceleration and overall performance.

The Vespa Sei Giorni is equipped with a spacious helmet compartment and a large and comfortable seating area, ergonomically crafted to ensure absolute comfort even for long distances. In addition to its standard ABS safety feature, the Vespa Sei Giorni also has a USB port located inside the compartment of the leg shield and front turn LED lights that function as day running lights.

The Vespa Sei Giorni is priced at RM38,000 and available in green.

Proton is close to achieving its target of having 109 3S and 4S outlets by October 2018. As of 17 September, there were 100 outlets approved for 3S/4S status, which makes it approximately 92% of its target. Just within the month of September (and we are not done with this month yet) Proton has already informed the media of five i.e. one 4S and four 3S outlet openings.

Proton 4S Dealer_Mercu Usaha Mesra Corporation_customer lounge area_Sg PetaniThese five outlets are existing dealer outlets that either upgraded from the lesser 1S or 2S centre, or refreshed it dealership to reflect the new corporate identity of the brand. Proton’s aim for its new brand identity is to reflect its commitment to Malaysian consumers through enhanced sales and service experience.

Some of the facilities in the upgraded outlets include a customer lounge area, complimentary drinks, and WiFi. Larger outlets will have space for a children’s play area and a work area with charging points for laptops and other devices.

Proton 3S dealership_car service area_Lee Motors_Alor Setar_KedahOutlets in urban areas which are expected to deal with more customers, such as the 3S centre in Puchong operated by Atiara Johan Sdn Bhd, have up to 14 service bays and 12 hoists; it cost approximately RM3.5 million to build. Similarly, the 4S centre in Sungai Petani by Mercu Usaha Mesra Corporation, which was upgraded at a cost RM1 million, has 14 bays and 11 hoists.


The upgrading of Proton dealerships is meant to also be a preemptive measure to prepare its dealers and staff for the expected increase in visitors (and hopefully customers) when the new X70 SUV is launched later this year, as well as for future models. Not only will these outlet upgrades improve visitor and customer perception of the brand, it will also minimise potential dissatisfaction by customers due to insufficient after-sales support.

The recently upgraded dealerships are (but not limited to):

  1. Top Zone Gallery Sdn Bhd:
    • 51-59, Jalan Sungai Dua Utama 1, Taman Sungai Dua Utama, 13800, Sungai Dua, Butterworth, Penang
    • Tel: 04-358 0011 / 04-358 0055 / 04-358 0077
    • Email: OR
  2. Atiara Johan Sdn Bhd:
    • Lot 66525 , Jalan Bandar 3 Pusat Bandar Puchong Jaya 47170 Selangor
    • Tel: 012-320 2968
    • Email:
  3. KH Motor Sdn Bhd:
    • Lot 1508, SMLD, Jalan Datuk Mohd Musa 94300 Kota Samarahan, Sarawak
    • Tel: 082-671699, 082-672699 or 012-853 1111 (Mr Wong)
    • Email:
  4. Mercu Usaha Mesra Corporation Sdn Bhd:
    • 1, Jalan Batu Lintang, off Lencongan Barat 08000 Sungai Petani, Kedah
    • Tel: 04-431 9828 (Sales) & 04-431 9829 (Service)
    • Email:
  5. Lee Motors (Alor Setar) Sdn Bhd:
    • 12, Jalan Telok Wanjah 05200 Alor Setar, Kedah
    • Tel: 04-731 1752 / 04-731 1712 / Service Hotline: 012-582 0116
    • Email: OR

Japanese truck maker, UD Trucks, and its Malaysian partner, Tan Chong Industrial Equipment Sdn Bhd (TCIE), recently celebrated their 40th year of partnership – the longest-ever principal and distributor partnership in UD Trucks’ history globally. This partnership started back in 1978 when TCIE first brought in the CK11 and half cab UG780 Nissan Diesel trucks to Malaysia, and proceeded to build on the brand with the latter model.

UD Trucks_TCIE_03 - Filip Van Den Heede_MalaysiaAt a recent dinner in Kuala Lumpur to celebrate their 40 years together, Filip Van den Heede, Managing Director Hub Malaysia, UD Trucks said, “Over the past 40 years, TCIE has been a pioneer and leader in the commercial vehicle services industry in Malaysia. UD Trucks, as a partner, has been able to introduce our innovative trucks that the world needs today and substantially grow our brand in Malaysia over the years because of a genuine, sturdy and trusted relationship between TCIE and UD Trucks.”

“TCIE has been constantly growing its all-rounded capabilities and enhancing service offerings for customers. Delivering comprehensive and satisfactory truck ownership experience to all valued customers has been our shared core focus, and we are proud to call TCIE our sole distributor partner in Malaysia,” he told the crowd, which included Dato’ Rosie Tan, Group Chief Executive Officer of Tan Chong Motor Holdings Berhad, Jacques Michel, President of Volvo Group Trucks Asia and JVs Sales, as well as the management team of Tan Chong Group, UD Trucks, TCIE, staff, partners, customers and members of the media.

L-R: Jaclyn Loy, Chief Operating Officer, Tan Chong Industrial Equipment Sdn Bhd; Jacques Michel, President, Volvo Group Trucks Asia and JVs Sales; Wong King Yoon, Director, Tan Chong Industrial Equipment Sdn Bhd; Filip Van den Heede, Managing Director Hub Malaysia, UD Trucks; Dato’ Rosie Tan, Group Chief Executive Officer, Tan Chong Motor Holdings Berhad and Eddy Chan, Director, Sales and Marketing, UD Trucks Malaysia, officiating the celebration with Kagami Biraki, a traditional Japanese ceremony
L-R: Jaclyn Loy, Chief Operating Officer, Tan Chong Industrial Equipment Sdn Bhd; Jacques Michel, President, Volvo Group Trucks Asia and JVs Sales; Wong King Yoon, Director, Tan Chong Industrial Equipment Sdn Bhd; Filip Van den Heede, Managing Director Hub Malaysia, UD Trucks; Dato’ Rosie Tan, Group Chief Executive Officer, Tan Chong Motor Holdings Berhad and Eddy Chan, Director, Sales and Marketing, UD Trucks Malaysia, officiating the celebration with Kagami Biraki, a traditional Japanese ceremony

In 2007, the Volvo Group acquired Nissan Diesel and rebranded it as UD Trucks in 2010, which essentially means Ultimate Dependability. Van den Heede added, “When the Volvo Group took over, we continued to build on the legacy of Kenzo Adachi, the founder of UD Trucks, to ‘build the truck that the world needs today’. Despite the various challenges that both UD Trucks and TCIE had to face from time to time, our common values and goals drove us forward and we prevailed at every opportunity. We continued to look forward and stepped up on our collaboration to strengthen our partnership which resulted in the continuous creation of key milestones.”

“This led us in Malaysia to become the first market in the world to assemble UD Quester and UD Croner outside of Japan. With this 40th anniversary celebration, we are very thankful and remain confident that TCIE will continue to be the ideal Malaysian partner for us for local manufacturing, distribution and customer support. We certainly look forward to many more successful years to come!”

With Volvo Group in the picture, UD customers in Malaysia benefit from UD Trucks’ deep history of Japanese craftsmanship, TCIE’s local expertise and extensive network and after-sales support, as well as Volvo Group’s technological know-how.

UD Trucks_TCIE_02 - 40th Anniversary_Wong King Yoon_MalaysiaIn celebrating this occasion, Wong King Yoon, Director, Tan Chong Industrial Equipment Sdn Bhd shared, “The pioneering spirit of Tan Chong Group that was espoused by our founder, the late Tan Sri Dato’ Tan Yuet Foh, had allowed TCIE to pursue every new opportunity that came with new challenges. The strong bond and deep understanding we have developed with UD Trucks and Volvo Group has successfully established our reputation, credibility and reliability as one of the best sources for smart trucking solutions in the market today.

UD Trucks_Nissan Diesel_UG780_Tan Chong Industrial Equipment_MalaysiaUD Trucks CPB_Tan Chong Industrial Equipment_TCIE_MalaysiaWong added, “TCIE has come a long way to be where and who we are today.  From our humble beginning, TCIE now offers the full range of services, from assembly to distribution, marketing, financial and insurance assistance to servicing and full aftermarket support. As the sole distributor and long-term partner of UD Trucks, we feel gratified to have contributed to the growth of the UD brand in Malaysia. We would not have achieved it all without UD Trucks and the unwavering support by our business partners and customers. I am happy to say that we have all powered the nation together for the past 40 years and many more years ahead!”

As part of the anniversary celebration, UD Trucks and TCIE expressed their appreciation to their partners and customers with the Golden Partnership Award, given to those who have notably contributed to this 40-year partnership.

UD Trucks_TCIE_04 - ASAC LogisticsThe customer Golden Partnership Award was given to ASAC Logistics Sdn Bhd, a loyal customer of TCIE. ASAC Logistics was the very first owner of the CK11 in 1978 and over the years, has continued to support the brand. The company has more than 500 units of UD Trucks in its fleet and has evolved into one of the largest logistic companies in Malaysia.

UD Trucks_TCIE_05 - LK UtaraThe Golden Partnership Award for Sales Dealer was given to LK Utara Auto Sdn Bhd. Appointed by TCIE as an authorised private sales dealer in 1999, the company focuses solely on the sale of UD Trucks and has to-date successfully sold more than 880 units of UD Trucks; maintaining its position as the top 3 best performing private sales dealer for 19 consecutive years.

UD Truck_TCIE_06 - Mun Chai Auto WorksThe Golden Partnership Award for Service Dealer was awarded to Mun Chai Auto Works Sdn Bhd. Established in 1980, Mun Chai Auto Works was appointed by TCIE as the authorised service dealer for UD Trucks. Continuous and extensive service and technician training were provided to ensure the tip-top service quality. Today, Mun Chai Auto Works has more than 20 service bays to cater for its growing business.

UD Trucks_TCIE_07 - Kaifa Auto PartsFinally, the Golden Partnership Award for Parts Dealer was awarded to Kaifa Auto Parts Sdn Bhd as it continues to maintain its top 5 best performance position since 1999. TCIE appointed Auto Enterprise (M) Sdn Bhd as the authorised parts dealer in 1978, and in 1999, the role was transferred to its sister company, Kaifa Auto Parts Sdn Bhd to solely focus on UD Trucks.

Volvo XC90 T5_Profile_5 - Malaysia 2018Volvo Car Malaysia has added the XC90 T5 to its flagship SUV line-up, which currently comprises the plug-in hybrid 7-seater variants – XC90 T8 Inscription and Inscription Plus. Priced at RM373,888 (on the road without insurance), the XC90 T5 is equipped with a 2.0L turbocharged engine that produces 254 hp and 350 Nm of torque, paired to an 8-speed automatic transmission. In comparison, the T8 variant has 407 hp and 640 Nm. Officially, the XC90 T5 has a 0 – 100 km/h time of 7.9 seconds while its combined fuel consumption is 7.9 litres per 100 km.

Despite being a cheaper variant, the XC90 T5 will maintain all the IntelliSafe systems available in the XC90 T8 Twin Engine. These IntelliSafe systems include, City Safety with auto brake that assists the driver in avoiding potential collisions. City Safety is also the only system in the market to recognise pedestrians, cyclists, and large animals.

Another crowd favourite fitted in the XC90 T5 is Pilot Assist, Volvo’s semi-autonomous driving system which supports the driver with steering, acceleration, and braking.

Volvo XC 90 T5_Profile_4 - Malaysia 2018According to Volvo, the move to add a new variant to the XC90 line-up is the result of valuable feedback from customers who want more trim level and powertrain choices for Volvo’s best-selling large SUV. “As a human-centric car company, we are always developing products that suit the current needs of our customers,” said Lennart Stegland, Managing Director of Volvo Car Malaysia.

Stegland adds that adding the XC90 T5 is only one part of the improvements rolled-out for the XC90 range; prospective customers will now get to choose an additional interior colour and three new exterior colours:

The new interior upholstery option is:

  • Maroon Brown

While the  new exterior colours are:

  • Crystal White
  • Denim Blue
  • Maple Brown

The XC90 T5 is now available for order or viewing at all Volvo authorized dealers nationwide.


The first-ever BMW i8 Roadster was launched by BMW Malaysia at the Conference of the Electric Power Supply Industry (CEPSI) 2018 in Kuala Lumpur yesterday, in which BMW Malaysia is the official E-Mobility partner. This 2-seater ‘progressive hybrid sports car’ will retail from RM1,508,800 (on the road without insurance; Peninsula Malaysia).

BMW i8 Roadster, Folding Roof, Malaysia Launch 2018This roadster is identical to the recently-launched BMW i8 Coupe, save for the powered folding roof that retracts fully into the rear end and stows upright behind the seats, thus allowing for about 100 litres of additional storage space at the rear. The roof opens and closes in 15 seconds and works at up to 50 km/h. Dropping the top raises the rear window by about 30 mm to deflect wind and reduce turbulence. The height of the rear window can be controlled by a button in the cockpit.

BMW i8 Roadster, Gullwing Doors Open, Malaysia 2018The open-top concept also required a new frameless gullwing door design, made from Carbon-Fibre Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) with an aluminium outer shell; the windscreen frame is 100% CFRP. This ultra-strong high-tech material is ideally equipped to provide exceptional rigidity, maximising the car’s occupant protection even if it rolls over. CFRP is also used to manufacture the side skirts with their extra-large cross-section. Additional struts and panels in the front and rear axles also help to maximise the body’s rigidity. The unladen weight of the i8 Roadster is 1,595 kg – considered a low figure for an open-top car.

The car is built on the brand new LifeDrive vehicle architecture which has a horizontally split structure comprising an aluminium chassis and a CFRP passenger cell. This clever engineering trick enables the optimal positioning of the necessary drive components to ensure the best possible handling, as well as ensuring a noticeable weight advantage with the carbon passenger cell.

Turning the front wheels is the electric motor, while the rear wheels are driven by a 1.5-litre three-cylinder engine. The combined power of 374 hp is controlled seamlessly by the intelligent energy management system, and allows for a 0 – 100 km/h time of 4.6 seconds and combined fuel consumption of 2 litres / 100 km. In hybrid mode, the electric motor provides a power boost to assist the engine under hard acceleration. It is also able to recuperate energy and feed it to the high-voltage battery on overrun and under braking. The petrol engine’s high-voltage starter-generator can also generate additional reserves of electricity, thereby ensuring sufficient energy at all times for the electric drive system.

Working with the navigation system’s route guidance function, the intelligent energy management ensures the electric motor is employed as extensively as possible for maximum efficiency. The system analyses the route in full and sets up the powertrain management to run on purely electric power, especially over low-
speed sections of the journey.

BMW i, Lithium Battery Pack, Malaysia, CEPSI 2018The electric power comes from an updated lithium-ion battery package developed for the BMW i8. Located centrally in the car’s underbody, the battery cells now have an increased capacity of 33 Ah from the previous 20 Ah, and gross energy capacity is up to 11.6 kWh, from 7.1 kWh, which means more juice for the motor. In the standard driving mode, the i8 Roadster can be driven exclusively on electricity up to 105 km/h. The combustion engine will only come in to assist at higher speeds or when pedal to the metal (or CFRP). Pressing the eDrive button allows travel at up to 120 km/h on electric power alone. The electric range is claimed to be 53 km.

The suspension and damping systems are model-specific, with firmer roll stabilisation and modified DSC  parameters. The car is fitted with 20″ light alloy wheels that are about 1 kg lighter than the lightest wheels previously offered for the i8. Other standard features include Cornering Brake Control and Dynamic Traction Control.

BMW i8 Roadster, Interior, Malaysia Launch 2018In the cockpit, the centre console, door handle and dashboard feature open-pored CFRP carbon trim. The driver is assisted by the BMW Head-up Display and also enjoys a multi-function sports steering wheel with paddle shifters. Other notable features include the iDrive touch controller, cruise control with brake function, Driving Assistant (includes top and side view camera system, person and approach control warning with light city braking), Park Distance Control (front & rear), Navigation System Professional, and onboard computer including Check Control.

L-R: Harald Hoelzl, Dr Alexander Kotouc
Harald Hoelzl (left) with Dr Alexander Kotouc

“BMW Group Malaysia sees itself as a key industry player capable of driving and shaping the national dialogue on the Mobility of the Future. Our leadership in Electro Mobility is amply reflected in the innovative range of electrified vehicles that have been launched under the BMW Group. Our commitment to drive e-mobility forward is strengthened through our initiatives to drive innovation, local assembly capabilities, awareness on new and clean technology for the automotive industry as well as changing the infrastructure for premium vehicles in the country,” said Harald Hoelzl, Managing Director and CEO of BMW Group Malaysia.

In 2017, the BMW Group promised and delivered 100,000 electrified vehicles. With over 82,000 electrified units already delivered in the first eight months of this year – a 43.3% increase compared to the same period last year – the premium automaker is on track to achieve the mark of delivering 140,000 electrified vehicles in 2018.

BMW i8 Roadster, Roof Down, Side View, CEPSI 2018 MalaysiaThis ambition is pursued by BMW Group Malaysia locally with exceptional performance in its electrified vehicles. Year-to-date, BMW Group Malaysia has already successfully delivered over 9,500 BMW, MINI and BMW Motorrad vehicles, recording an increase of more than 20% compared to the same period last year. Of the total vehicle deliveries, 56% comprises of electrified BMW and MINI vehicles, indicating the evolving sentiment among Malaysians for embracing Visionary Mobility in their automotive needs.

During CEPSI 2018 (17 – 22 September), BMW Group Malaysia will further drive discussion on the Future of Mobility in Malaysia with Dr. Alexander Kotouc. As the Head of Product Management for BMW i, the sub brand of the BMW Group responsible for Visionary Vehicles, Dr. Kotouc will share on the premium automaker’s plans and vision as a leader in automotive sustainability and progressive mobility.

“The First-Ever BMW i8 Roadster is the ultimate icon for Mobility of the Future. The open-top hybrid two-seater sports car redefines driving enthusiasm, freedom and demonstrates e-Mobility as the visionary way forward for the convertible sports cars segment,” said Hoelzl.

The BMW i8 Roadster comes in E-Copper exterior colour with Accaro interior design, and is available at authorised BMW i dealerships from today (19 September 2018).

The Roadster is also available on a Balloon Financing Plan from BMW Group Financial Services Malaysia, and can be owned with monthly instalment plans starting from RM17,268 (based on estimates of an 80% loan on a five-year tenure).

BMW i8 Roadster owners will enjoy:

  • BMW 5-Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty with Free Scheduled Service Program
  • BMW 2-Year/ 24 Month Tyre Warranty Program for its Run Flat Tyre offering and services
  • BMW Roadside Assistance and Accident Hotline
  • The BMW Group Loyalty+ Mobile App – BMW White Card
  • BMW Service Online


ZF Sales And Service (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (ZF SSM) will celebrate Malaysia Day, which falls on 16 September, with various activities for customers, and its staff.

ZF SSM will use the national holiday to launch a limited time promotional offer. Up to 200 owners of Toyota Hilux Vigo, Toyota Fortuner N50, Isuzu D-max, Mitsubishi Triton and Nissan Navara will have the opportunity (on a first come first served basis) to purchase a complete set of SACHS Heavy Duty Shock Absorbers at the heavily discounted price of RM525 per set (25% discount on the usual price).

ZF Sales & Service (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd wishes everyone 'Happy Malaysia Day'
ZF Sales & Service (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd wishes everyone ‘Happy Malaysia Day’

For the staff of ZF SSM, they will be getting into the festive spirit with a series of events planned for them in the run-up to Malaysia Day. This will include a Malaysia-themed design competition for team members. Team members will also be getting involved in a complete ‘Jalur Gemilang’-themed overhaul of a ZF Malaysia company car.

Cheah Chee Luen, General Manager Independent Aftermarket (IAM), ZF Sales & Service (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd said, “We want to wish all Malaysians a happy and safe Malaysia Day celebration. We know that Malaysians love to travel to visit family and friends during holidays such as this and we want to remind everyone to make sure they do so safely. Many people do not realise that worn out or damaged shock absorbers have a major impact on car safety. We want to encourage Malaysian drivers to ensure those hidden parts are regularly inspected. To support easy access to replacement shock absorbers, we are also offering a special Malaysia Day promotion on SACHS Heavy Duty Shock Absorbers for selected car models.”

Cheah Chee Luen continued, “SACHS shock absorbers are of the highest quality, which is one reason why numerous well-known automotive manufacturers fit them as standard in new vehicles. Our aftermarket models are built to the same quality, providing a safer, more comfortable and contemporary drive.”

In conjunction with its Malaysia Day promotion, ZF SSM will also be launching a series of six testimonial videos which will include both users of vehicles fitted with SACHS shock absorbers, as well as workshops involved in the installation – highlighting their experiences with the SACHS brand.

The videos will be available at the ZF SSM YouTube channel.

You may enquire about the promotion here. (button above the image gallery)

BMW Malaysia has handed over a fleet of its 530e Hybrid, to Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) for use in the upcoming Conference of the Electric Power Supply Industry (CEPSI) 2018. The fleet of the 5 Series Hybrid with eDrive Technology will be utilised as the official cars at the landmark conference, taking place from 17 to 22 September 2018 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, in which BMW Malaysia is the official e-Mobility partner.

L-R: Harald Hoelzl, MD & CEO of BMW Group Malaysia and TNB's Chief Corporate Officer Datuk Wira Roslan Ab Roslan
L-R: Harald Hoelzl, MD & CEO of BMW Group Malaysia and TNB’s Chief Corporate Officer Datuk Wira Roslan Ab Roslan

The fleet of plug-in hybrids were presented by Harald Hoelzl, Managing Director and CEO of BMW Group Malaysia to TNB’s Chief Corporate Officer and AESIEAP 2017/2018 Secretary General, Datuk Wira Roslan Ab Rahman at the TNB Headquarters in Bangsar.

Hoelzl commented on BMW Malaysia’s partnership with TNB and CEPSI 2018, “The collaboration signifies BMW Malaysia’s intention in being a key partner in transforming the local Electro Mobility industry and the country’s ambition in Sustainable Development. We look forward in exchanging our industry-leading expertise and insights as well as gain knowledge from the many thought leaders at CEPSI to shape a better Malaysia.”

TNB is hosting CEPSI 2018 on behalf of The Association of Electricity Supply Industry of East ASIA and the Western Pacific (AESIEAP).

Datuk Wira Roslan mentioned that the cars sponsored by BMW will be used to shuttle VVIPs and AESIEAP Executive Council Members during the five-day conference.

3. (Left) TNB's Chief Corporate Officer Datuk Wira Roslan Ab Roslan and Harald Hoelzl, MD & CEO of BMW Group Malaysia - CEPSI 2018“This e-mobility partnership is the first of its kind for CEPSI since its inception in 1976 in Hong Kong SAR. The partnership is timely as electric vehicles are generating a revolution in transportation across the globe. On this note, TNB through our wholly-owned subsidiary, TNB Energy Services Sdn. Bhd. is collaborating with Malaysian Green Technology Corporation to deliver an integrated service to EV owners in Malaysia,” said Roslan.

In line with the conference theme of “Reimagining the Utility of the Future”, BMW will be sharing its thoughts on the Mobility of the Future, courtesy of Dr. Alexander Kotouc, the Head of Product Management BMW i who is a keynote speaker at the event.

The German premium automaker will also be unveiling a new model from its BMW i portfolio.

“CEPSI 2018 is also an opportunity for us to share a truly progressive model from our portfolio of Visionary Mobility. The new vehicle exemplifies how cutting-edge engineering and human-focused design as well as aesthetics can push the boundaries reimagining the future which is the theme of CEPSI this year.” added Hoelzl.

For more information on BMW Malaysia, visit To find out more about the upcoming CEPSI 2018, visit

Lamborghini Kuala Lumpur, Official Opening, Automobili Lamborghini, Malaysia 2018Lamborghini Kuala Lumpur has officially reopened its updated showroom. Located in Glenmarie, the refurbished showroom incorporates Lamborghini’s latest corporate design. The revamped House of the Raging Bull now reflects the brand’s updated corporate image as well as the need for increased space with the company’s recent expansion of its model line-up.

Covering 12,494 square feet, Lamborghini Kuala Lumpur is a 3S centre. The new showroom exterior features an illuminated Lamborghini shield on a black background. The interior is bright, with clean lines, characterised by polygons, sharp forms, raw surfaces and diffusion of light and colour.

Lamborghini Kuala Lumpur, Matteo Ortenzi, CEO Automobili Lamborghini Asia Pacific“Lamborghini is a strong, highly-acclaimed brand worldwide, and our new dealership environment is a very tangible demonstration of this,” said Automobili Lamborghini Chief Executive Officer, Asia Pacific, Mr Matteo Ortenzi.

“We are committed to building a solid dealer network that clearly communicates our brand to loyal and new clients in both the way we look and the way we operate. Lamborghini and our dealer partners are investing in a bright future together,” he added.

Lamborghini buyers get to enjoy the client lounge that includes a car configuration system, product and Ad Personam areas that provide samples of exterior and interior finishes. The servicing area has also been updated with clean, raw styling, and includes a state-of-the-art hoist.

Lamborghini Kuala Lumpur, Marcus Chye, Chief Operating Officer“Endowed with the support of Lamborghini owners and enthusiasts, the new refurbished showroom simply reflects our confidence in Lamborghini’s business here, especially now with the expanded model line-up and increase in sales with the recent launch of the new Super SUV (Urus),” commented Lamborghini Kuala Lumpur Chief Operating Officer, Mr Marcus Chye.

Also on hand to witness the official unveiling of the showroom were Lamborghini Kuala Lumpur Board Members, Mr Andrew Wang and Mr Melvin Goh.


Velocity Motor Show 2018_Gymkhana Challenge_Plaza Arkadia_Desa ParkcityThe Velocity Motor Show 2018 (VMS 2018) will be held in the Plaza Arkadia Outdoor Carpark in Desa Parkcity this coming weekend (15 – 17 September). The three-day motor show will be on from 10 am – 10 pm.

This is the third instalment of the motor show and will showcase cars and all things automotive, and will include entertainment, extreme sports, food and lucky draws. One of the highlights will be the Big Foot Trucks Show featuring modified pick-up trucks; another will be the Liberty Walk Thailand and Malaysia pavilion with modified machines on display.

Velocity Motor Show 2018_Drift Challenge_Desa ParkcityOther attractions include a Drift Challenge, judged by Loyai “War Head” Hanizam, and Malaysia’s Prince of Drift, Tengku Djan Ley. The Gymkhana Competition by GRA is another motorsport to be featured at VMS 2018 and visitors will get to see drivers race against time through a set of obstacles.

There will also be a Car Club Battle with a multi-national judging panel from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore to decide which club has the best sets of wheels, as well as the SQC Club Car Audio Competition.

Velocity Motor Show 2018_New Car Booking_Desa ParkcityNon-automotive attractions include streetwear fashion and sneakers trade and display, extreme sports competition (VHYPES BMX and Skateboarding), and live music performances by local acts.

Besides this, those who book a new car during VMS will receive free gifts worth over RM5,000.

Entry to VMS 2018 is RM10 per day, or RM15 for three days. The one-day ticket entitles you to two lucky draw chances (VMS & VHYPE) while the three-day ticket entitles you to six lucky draw chances.

For more info, check out Velocity Motor Show on Facebook or on Instagram, or contact (016) 366 6012.

New Proton X70

Shah Alam, 07 September, 2018 – The new Proton SUV was viewed by some members of the press at a special preview arranged at the Proton Design Centre – the new name for the SUV, which is based on the Geely Boyoe, is Proton X70, and it is open for booking at selected dealers with immediate effect. The booking fee is RM1,000, and it from what I have seen of the new vehicle, it might be a good idea to take a leap of faith and  quickly run over to a Proton dealer and sign up for one if you have been thinking about getting one. After all, you will have nothing to lose if you do not like it later, as the booking fee is refundable.


In a nutshell, the Proton X70 is a Geely Boyue with some minor renditions to the face to make it a Proton. There is a new front grille which is supposed to represent a bow with a Proton logo sitting in the centre that fits exactly where the Boyue grille would have been placed, and some minor changes to the front bumper – renditions that are easy to produce and fit. I hail this as a very logical move, as it does not make sense to make complicated re-modeling changes that cost an arm and a leg to implement.

Let’s look at the specifications of the new Proton X70 – it appears that there are three or four variants to choose from – the actual specifications are not clear as yet, and of course no prices are announced as yet. However, there are some key specifications that are for sure, and we will share them with you, our readers.


We know that the engine of the Proton X70 is a 1.8 litre turbo-charged unit with a claimed output of 135 kW (about 180 horsepower) and 285 Nm of torque. The RX70 features All-Wheel-Drive (AWD), and the transmission is a 6-speed automatic.

Suspension appears to be Macpherson struts in front, while the rear looks like a multi-link arrangement with coil springs all round. Ground clearance is excellent, perhaps around 180mm to 190mm. based on my estimate.


Inside, the X70 is well appointed, with Nappa leather seats and a typical SUV-type of configuration with split and folding seats offering the usual versatility in stowage space. The spare tyre is a space saver. The dashboard is pretty neat, with soft-touch padding in the right places, so it looks great. I also understand that the top-of-the range X70 comes with a panoramic sunroof.

New Proton X70
New Proton X70

The overall look, feel and touch of the Proton X70 is very premium, leading one to wonder if perhaps the selling price might escalate to too high a level. My own impression, just based on looks, touch and feel, (but not driving, as there was no test drive session), is that it is on par with, or even surpasses some of the better-known brands of medium-sized SUV’s available in Malaysia now.

We also understand that the Proton X70 will initially come from China, but plans are underway to go into local CKD operations by the first quarter of 2019.