Car Selling Guide

Car Selling Guide

Pricing Your Car

Determine your car’s value:

  1. Research dealer pricing, but don’t expect to get the same amount in your sale. Dealer sales provide some benefits that private-party sales do not, such as return/exchange policies, limited warranties, etc. (i.e. Dealers mark prices up)
  2. Check the market price from finance company
  3. Browse car adverts and search used car listings on magazines, newspaper and online car trade portal see how similar models are priced in your area.
  4. Get valuation service from AAM (Automobile Association of Malaysia), one of the benefits of their membership.
    Click here to find out more
  5. Get The Red Book Valuation Certificate, which gives you a personalized valuation for your vehicle including details such as optional equipment, kilometers travelled, and vehicle condition.
    Visit their official site for more information.


Get Your Car Ready

Appearance is everything. When selling your car privately, take a cue from dealers: Make the car as attractive as possible.

  • Wash, wax and vacuum your car.
  • Wipe down the dashboard and other surfaces.
  • Gloss up the tires and polish the wheels.
  • Clean all glass inside and out, including mirrors.
  • Clean out any junk from inside your car and the trunk.
  • Replace any burned out lights or fuses.
  • Top off the fluids, windscreen washer and coolant.


Gather Your Car’s Records

This shows you kept up with maintenance and suggests you’re selling a reliable vehicle.

  1. Maintenance log
    A presentable maintenance log with all of your receipts, especially oil changes, can be a powerful selling tool. Warranty receipts are especially important.
  2. Inspection record
    Have your car inspected by a third-party service. These companies inspect your car and independently verify its description and general status. Reliable inspection service providers are as below. Click to find out more about their services and pricing.

PUSPAKOM Sdn Bhd (Formerly known as Pusat Pemeriksaan Kenderaan Berkomputer)
Tel: 1800 88 6927, 03-2052 7474

AAM (Automobile Association of Malaysia)
Phone: 03-2162 5777

One of the chief concerns of used car shoppers is that they’ll be forced to make expensive repairs on the used vehicles they buy. Help reassure them that there aren’t any secret repairs they’ll have to make by having a through record of your car’s “life”, by providing those records upfront you show that you’re confident about the quality of the car.


Place an Effective Advertisement

You’ve prepared your car and have an asking price — now you need to sell it. A well-written ad will draw buyers’ attention and can help sell the car quickly.
What to include?

  1. Quality photos
    Photos, photos, photos. It’s long been said that, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Use as many photos as possible of your clean, well-maintained car.How to take good photos?

    • Photograph your car in daylight.
    • Avoid reflections and shadows from the sun and trees.
    • Photograph your car at a front-side angle to achieve a good view of the entire car.
    • Park your car against a flattering backdrop.
    • Make sure your car is clean and neat in appearance.

    What photos for your Ad? Some guides below:

    • Exterior front
    • Exterior rear angle
    • Interior front seats
    • Interior rear seats
    • The dashboard
    • Trunk/cargo space
    • Wheels and tires
    • Engine block
    • Other special features you may want to highlight, eg, DVD Screen, sun/moon roof, etc
  1. Consider giving some of the following details:
    • Appeal to a buyer’s lifestyle. Ex. “Van – great family car,” “economy car,” “excellent gas mileage makes it a great commuter car,” etc.
    • Use key phrases that typically signal you’ve taken care of your car, like “one owner,” “garage-kept” and “maintenance records available.”
    • Mention the mileage
    • Mention the estimated petrol consumption
    • Mention any non-standard modifications and improvements, such as stereo, speakers and specialty wheels.
    • List any recent replacements, like new tires or battery.

In addition to the quality of your advertisement, quantity is also important. To maximize your chances of selling your vehicle, you will want news of your car’s availability to reach as many people as possible. This means advertising in as many places as you can. Autoworld allows you to advertise your used car for free, and many of our rivals do too.


Ownership Transfer and Payment

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