2024 Lexus LM Luxury Mover Launched In Malaysia

2024 Lexus LM Luxury Mover Launched In Malaysia

Lexus Malaysia has introduced the new Lexus LM. Since its debut in 2019, the Lexus LM has set a new benchmark in luxury mobility. As a ‘Luxury Mover,’ the first-generation Lexus LM offered discerning buyers transportation with unmatched comfort and refinement. This luxury MPV made an impact in China and other East Asian markets, including Malaysia, with its combination of flagship limousine qualities with the spaciousness of an MPV.

The Lexus LM’s appeal is in its sophisticated design and features, extending the Lexus tradition of ‘Omotenashi’ hospitality. With a focus on delivering impeccable comfort and enhancing passenger well-being, the Lexus LM caters to those seeking a class-leading vehicle that meets both lifestyle and mobility needs. Since its introduction, this luxury MPV has achieved impressive sales, with 16,114 units sold globally, including 2,788 units in the region and 32 units in Malaysia.

For Malaysia, Lexus is offering the new Lexus LM in 2 variants i.e. the 4-seater LM500 with an opulent 2-2 seating configuration, and the 7-seater LM350h, with a 2-2-3 layout targeted more towards families.

Both variants feature self-charging hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) powertrains, ensuring whisper-quiet operation, refined performance, and high efficiency. The LM500 boasts a newly developed parallel hybrid system using a 2.4L 4-cylinder DVVT-i turbo hybrid direct injection petrol engine delivering 371 hp and 460 Nm of torque via a 6-speed Direct Shift Automatic Transmission to the Direct 4 all-wheel drive system.Lexus LM 500_2.4L Turbo Engine_Hybrid

Meanwhile, the LM350h has a naturally-aspirated 2.5L 4-cylinder VVT-iE direct injection engine working in the series parallel hybrid system for a combined output of 250 hp and 239 Nm that is sent to the front wheels via an eCVT for a balance of performance and fuel efficiency. Both powertrains use a newly developed high-output, low-resistance nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery pack that is mounted under the central area of the vehicle. The battery is self-charging as the vehicle moves so that eliminates the need for a charging station, unlike a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV). The HEV powertrain also enhances fuel efficiency to provide extended range to its 60L fuel tank. Depending on the energy level in the battery pack, it is possible to drive only with the electric motors for a limited distance.Lexus LM 500_Gear Lever_Cup Holders

“The Lexus LM has always stood as a symbol of success for customers who want to experience an elevated form of luxury transport,” said Datuk Ravindran K, President of Lexus Malaysia. “We strongly believe that the 2 new Lexus LM variants will continue to be at the pinnacle of luxury in the mobility segment, catering to discerning customers who are looking for a heightened level of indulgence and refinement in their day-to-day transport.”

Although its wheelbase is retained at 3,000 mm, it is a different platform from the first generation i.e. GA-K platform, which is lighter and stiffer, and with a lower centre of gravity for better stability. Overall dimensions though, have changed with body length (5,125 mm) increased by 85 mm from the previous, width (1,890 mm) widened by 40 mm, and the roof elevated by 45 mm for an airier cabin (LM500: 1,955 mm; LM350h: 1,940 mm). With the wider body, the front and rear tracks have also been increased by 40 mm and 50 mm respectively, to improve stability.

With such a large body, Lexus engineers have applied several measures to improve efficiency, such as minimising the gap between the windscreen and front pillars, shaping of various areas such as the bumper corners and belt molding, and installing airflow regulating fins. The result is a drag coefficient of between 0.34 and 0.33.

The Lexus LM’s exterior design sees an evolved version of the signature Spindle grille that is integrated with the bodyshell using a satin-effect hot stamping method (a first for Lexus). This is framed by a new high-performance 3-beam LED projector headlamps which automatically controls the light throw, as well as a bi-functional L-signature design daytime running lights / turn indicators.

But the cabin is where it needs to impress, for the discerning customer who enters through the rear sliding door which now features a ‘see-saw’ type switch for intuitive operation (the front door handles  use the e-LATCH system with SEA (Safe Exit Assist) function to prevent accidents with approaching vehicles.

Inside, the new Lexus LM offers the ultimate in Omotenashi (hospitality) with a modern, serene, and opulent cabin environment. The minimalist design allows for use as a living space and/or mobile office. Premium materials like Gin Sui Boku and ‘Yabane’ Ornamentation (Herringbone Wood) adorn the cabin, available in Black or Solis White. New features include a built-in thermistor for the steering wheel, an independent glass roof with an integrated sunshade, and individual multi-operation panels for each rear passenger, controlling functions like air-conditioning, seat posture, and lighting.

In the LM500, the 2 rear passenger seats maximise the use of the tall interior to provide a space resembling a modern living room. The seats are inspired by first-class airline seats and are among the most advanced and comfortable ever offered in a Lexus model. They have been developed with detailed analysis of passenger body movement using data based on motion capture and sensory evaluation.

Typically, seats in MPVs are at a raised level, creating a high centre of gravity for the passenger and increasing the experience of side-to-side and head-sway movement. However, the LM seats have been designed to counter these undesirable motions so passengers can maintain a stable line of sight. For example, there are side wires in the seat structure to help hold the body in place and keep the pelvis upright. This improves posture, supporting occupants securely from pelvis to chest. Both seats are fully powered and can be reclined to a completely horizontal, airline bed-style and have integrated, extending ottoman leg rests. Besides internal ventilation for enhanced comfort, there are also relaxation functions with multiple seat massage programmes lasting up to 15 minutes. These apply pressure to the body (from thighs to shoulders) by inflating and deflating a series of air bladders built into seatback and seat cushion.

Furthermore, there is a partition separating the front section with a glass panel that can be raised or lowered as well as dimmed for added privacy. The partition, with a die-cast magnesium frame for extra rigidity, also houses a 48″ widescreen display with dual screen function, set at a level which allows a comfortable viewing angle of 15 degrees from horizontal. Complementing the screen is a Mark Levinson sound system that has been tuned for the LM’s cabin. The partition is designed so that the forward view can be maintained even when watching the screen. Overhead are twin glass roofs with power-operated sunshades which can be opened or closed individually or together. Those on the side windows operate from top to bottom, allowing them to be partially closed to shield from sunlight while still having view of the outside.

For the 7-seater LM350h, the layout has 2 seats in the second row and 3 seats in the third row. Like the seats in the LM500, the quality and design of the seats in the LM350h are comparable to first class airline seats. The LM350h has a Rear Seat Entertainment system with a 14″ display mounted on the ceiling which can be folded up when not needed. As the usage of the 7-seater is envisaged to be for family outings or as a mobile office, there is a lot of variability in the seat configurations. They can be folded completely flat and with the Power Long Slide Rail (a world first), the seats can be positioned over a range of more than 480 mm. Lexus LM 350h_Seat Configuration

“The new Lexus LM undoubtedly redefines the concept of exclusive personalised luxury travel,” added Datuk Ravindran K. “As you can see, the new model once more demonstrates value craftmanship and timeless elegance along with a striking design and unmatched comfort and performance which is a world apart from what is available in the segment today.”

The new Lexus LM350h and LM500 are priced from RM1,228,000 and RM1,468,000 respectively. It is available in 4 exterior colors i.e. Graphite Black Glass Flake, Sonic Titanium, Sonic Quartz, and Sonic Agate.


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