Tesla Activates First Supercharging Station In Penang

Tesla Activates First Supercharging Station In Penang

After opening 2 Destination charging stations in Penang, Tesla has activated its first Supercharging station on the mainland side of Penang. Located at Sunway Carnival mall in Seberang Jaya, this station supplements the existing 2 Destination charging stations situated at The Ship Campus in Batu Kawan, and All Seasons Place mall in Air Itam.

The Sunway Carnival Supercharging station is equipped with 4 Superchargers to add to the 12 Destination chargers in Penang. This strategic expansion not only caters to local charging requirements but also paves the way for seamless cross-country journeys for Tesla owners from Singapore to Johor and Penang, enhancing the convenience of long distance EV travel. Tesla Supercharging Station_Sunway Carnival_Penang

Tesla emphasises a comprehensive ownership experience through seamless charging solutions and advanced technology integration. With a straightforward “plug in, charge, and go” approach, Tesla’s mobile application enables users to easily find, navigate to, and monitor Superchargers, with payments automatically processed. Additionally, offering a competitive pay-per-use Supercharging fee of RM 1.25/kWh, Tesla aims to make charging cost-efficient, to further encourage the adoption of its brand of electric vehicles. Tesla_Model Y_Tail Light_Charging Port

Presently, the Tesla charging infrastructure in Malaysia comprises 8 Supercharging stations housing a total of 40 chargers, alongside 10 Destination Charging stations with a total of 61 chargers. The company has an ongoing expansion initiative to facilitate seamless travel between Malaysia and Singapore, where there are 11 Supercharging stations and 9 Destination Charging stations. In order to cater to its expected growth in the Malaysian EV segment, Tesla is to continually expand on its charging network for the convenience of Tesla owners.


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