Chery Malaysia Puts Emphasis On Quality Assurance As It Begins Delivery Process

Chery Malaysia Puts Emphasis On Quality Assurance As It Begins Delivery Process

Chery Malaysia is showing that it is serious about providing customers with a good ownership experience and confidence in its products, with the implementation of a series of proactive measures that puts emphasis on quality assurance. The Chery brand was officially launched in Malaysia in July 2023 but had been actively doing the legwork locally since early 2022. Chery Malaysia_Tiggo 8 Pro_Omoda 5

This is actually the 2nd time Chery is in Malaysia, this time it is via a subsidiary company rather than through a local partner, so it has more control over local operations and policies. It was also able to kickstart a local assembly programme for the Omoda 5 and Tiggo 8 Pro which it also launched in July.

Chery_Assembly_CheckAt the end of August, Chery Malaysia had completed pre-delivery inspection (PDI) for the first batch of Omoda 5 and Tiggo 8 Pro and began the delivery process to customers. Chery’s commitment to ensure the quality of vehicles delivered had led it to set a rigorous PDI process.

Unlike a single inspection, Chery Malaysia has implemented multiple rounds of PDI checks. Each of these rounds is meticulously conducted on every aspect of the vehicle, from mechanical components to safety features, and even aesthetic details.

“Chery has been accelerating progress in various aspects in Malaysia, from production line standards to dealer process standardization, from spare parts inventory to the establishment of after-sales service centers, ensuring both product quality and service excellence.” commented from Mr. Leo Chen, Executive Vice President of Chery Malaysia.

“Chery is indeed accelerating the pace of progress in every aspect, striving to meet the demands of the Malaysian market and its users.” Quotes from Chery Malaysia KD Plant Director, Mr. Xu Jing Zhong. Chery Malaysia_Omoda 5 Delivery

Aside from its commitment to vehicle quality, Chery Malaysia is dedicated to supporting government initiatives related to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices. During the recent Malaysia Day celebration, Chery Malaysia had supported a group of young talents from a prominent local university by participating in a public beach cleanup in Port Klang. 

“Our planet’s well-being is a responsibility we all share, and as part of our commitment to environmental sustainability, we are thrilled to be part of this beach cleanup campaign. It’s a chance for us to give back to our community and protect the natural beauty of Malaysia’s ocean.” Mr. Lee Wen Hsiang, Vice President of Chery Malaysia said.

This CSR initiative reflects Chery Malaysia’s commitment to the local community and the environment. By engaging with the country’s future leaders, the company aims to promote awareness and understanding of ESG principles and their significance to the world.Chery Malaysia_CSR_Beach Clean Up

Back at Chery HQ, the company will host the “2023 Chery International User Co-created Conference” in October 2023. The conference in Wuhu, China, will be attended by overseas users, global medias, celebrity bloggers. There will be 3 major themes presented, relating to new ecology, new technology, and new future, that all participants will jointly explore.

Based on Chery’s brand concept of “green, technology, family, and companionship”, many smart life “partners” will gather at this conference with an exhibition that integrates “people”, “cars” and “life”. At the same time, Chery will communicate with users around the world, listen to their voices, explore new smart technology, and promote energy possibilities in line with its brand value and vision.

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