Blueshark R Series Electric Scooter Launched In Malaysia With Battery Swap Plans

Blueshark R Series Electric Scooter Launched In Malaysia With Battery Swap Plans

Blueshark, a subsidiary of Sharkgulf Technologies Group, has officially launched the Blueshark R series electric scooters (R1 and R1 Lite) in Malaysia. The Blueshark R1 smart electric scooter was first unveiled at International Greentech & Eco Products Exhibition & Conference Malaysia (IGEM) 2022 in Kuala Lumpur last October. Blueshark R1 Smart Electric Scooter_Malaysia

The Blueshark R1 smart electric scooter comes with cutting-edge patented battery technology which allows for the option of hot-swapping the battery packs via a subscription plan, along with conventional charging. On a single charge, the R1 offers a riding range of up to 110 km (NEDC cycle) from the Dual Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery packs. If you have the subscription plan, these battery packs can be easily swapped at any Blueshark battery swap station (BlueStation), or you can fully charge them via the included charger within 3.5 hours (or 2.5 hours to get it from 0% to 80% state of charge). Blueshark_Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery_Swappable

The scooter is powered by a 5,000-Watt high speed electric permanent magnet motor providing 5 kW and 201 Nm of torque; top speed is limited to 80 km/h and 0 – 50 km/h acceleration can be done in 4.9 seconds. It has 5 riding modes including the Walk Assist Mode (WAM) and Turbo mode. The Blueshark R1 is also equipped with the advanced ArkRide® proprietary smart operating system, Bluetooth connectivity, GPS navigation, media playback, OTA updates, driving recorder and more, with features accessed via the 10.4″ full colour HD IPS dashboard.

“The Blueshark R series is the culmination of our efforts to bring sustainable and innovative solutions to the urban mobility market. With swappable battery technology and best-in-class technology, we are introducing a superior yet affordable product that will make smart electric scooters more accessible to a wider audience. Our vision is to transform lives as we transform human mobility while caring for the planet. We believe the Blueshark R1 is a crucial player in driving green urban mobility through mass two-wheel electric vehicle (2WEV) adoption,” said Jin Chan, Group COO (ASEAN), Blueshark Ecosystem Sdn Bhd.

At the launch, Blueshark also revealed the initial results of its Blueshark Pilot Programme where 50 e-hailing delivery riders took home the R1 scooter for a month to test its ability on Malaysian roads as well as to trial the BlueStation battery swap network at selected Petronas stations. The programme aimed to demonstrate the feasibility of Blueshark’s first-to-last mile electrified platform and market-ready ecosystem, while enabling organisations to achieve their carbon reduction goals.

“As we move up the value chain from an original equipment manufacturer to a brand owner, Blueshark R series is just the beginning as we have a responsibility to continue innovating and improving our products and how they are made to meet the needs of a changing world. Change starts with ideas, but real, sustainable transformation comes with practice, and EP Manufacturing Berhad is prepared for an electrified future, for ourselves and as a company that enables other industry players to meet their own ESG goals,” Ahmad Razlan bin Mohamed, CEO of EP Manufacturing Bhd (EPMB) said.

“I must also express our deepest appreciation to the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI), for the opportunity accorded to EPMB to enter the EV arena, as well as our dedicated team at EP Blueshark for all the hard work and dedication to bring Blueshark to market. We are proud to support the government’s mandate to accelerate EV adoption and the decarbonisation of the transportation industry in Malaysia”.

Jeff Chong, CEO (ASEAN) of Blueshark Ecosystem Sdn Bhd added, “We believe that the future of urban mobility is electric, and our mission is to make sustainable transportation accessible to everyone. Blueshark will place the most advanced EV technology, features and aesthetics within reach of people from all walks of life, to elevate people and enable electric mobility for all, while saving the planet”.

“And of course, central to it all is our R1 smart electric scooter and our ground-breaking BlueStations, taking only seconds to swap new batteries with no lengthy charging times. The Blueshark R series smart electric scooter is the first of many products that we will be introducing in the coming months, and we are confident that it will make a significant impact on the urban mobility landscape in Malaysia and beyond”.Blueshark R1 Smart Electric Scooter

To cater to the different preferences, the Blueshark R1 smart electric scooter is offered with a diverse range of ownership options, including outright purchase and attractive subscription packages for the smart electric scooter and swappable battery packs.

Blueshark R Series Pricing and Subscription Plans

Purchase Package (Vehicle only) (On-the-road, without insurance and with SST exemption)

Blueshark R1 : RM 9,390

Blueshark R1 Lite : RM 7,190

  • Inclusive of 1 charger + 2 charging cradles, 1 Bluetooth key
  • Additional RM79 per month for dual-battery rental

Corporate Rental Package (Vehicle plus batteries) (On-the-road, with SST exemption, inclusive of scheduled maintenance and wear-and-tear parts replacement)

Blueshark R1 : RM547 per month

Blueshark R1 Lite : RM487 per month

  • Inclusive of 2 batteries, 1 Bluetooth key and SIM card
  • Optional home charging kit with RM250 refundable deposit
  • Subscribers to select a BlueSwap battery subscription plan to complement R series rental

BlueSwap Battery Subscription Plans

  • BlueSwap Lite : RM59/month, up to 36 battery swaps
  • BlueSwap Standard : RM99/month, up to 70 battery swaps
  • BlueSwap Pro : RM139/month, up to 120 battery swaps
  • BlueSwap Flex : RM1.95, pay-per-swap

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