MAN Malaysia Delivers Euro 5-Compliant Trucks To 4 New Customers

MAN Malaysia Delivers Euro 5-Compliant Trucks To 4 New Customers

In November 2021, MAN Truck & Bus (M) Sdn Bhd (MAN Malaysia) became the first truck manufacturer in the country to offer Euro 5-compliant engines as standard across its product portfolio. Response thus far has been encouraging for new MAN trucks equipped with the low emission Euro 5 engines.

Subsequent to MAN Malaysia delivering 41 new trucks to FGV Transport Services Sdn Bhd, MAN also added 4 new customers which opted for the new MAN Truck Generation with Euro 5 low emission engines as their preferred transport solutions.MAN TGS_Euro 5_6x2 and 4x4 Variants

Taking delivery at a handover ceremony in Port Klang recently was Artha Logistics Sdn Bhd, which ordered 2 units of the 6×2 variant; Mawar Movers Sdn Bhd (1 unit each of 4×2 and 6×2), Transprompt Cargo Logistics Sdn Bhd (2 units of 6×2) and Vertex Mission Sdn Bhd (2 units of 4×2 and 3 units of 6×2). Additionally, existing customer, Timur Permai Haulage Sdn Bhd, was also present to take delivery of its 2nd unit of its new MAN TGS Euro 5.

MAN Malaysia_Vertex Mission_Director_Andrew TanAccording to Vertex Mission Managing Director, Soo Chee Yeong, MAN Malaysia’s innovative approach, which included arranging test drives and visits to its head offices and assembly plant, were crucial in convincing his company to invest in MAN Trucks for the first time.

“MAN Malaysia clearly understands the challenges faced by the transport industry.  They proactively reached out to transporters like us and offered a winning product that was completely redeveloped to help businesses achieve both profitability and sustainability goals,” he said.

The new MAN Truck Generation with Euro 5 engine as standard leads the way in driver orientation, fuel  efficiency, assistance systems, digital networking and above all, sustainability. The MAN TGS 4×2 and 6×2 variants are designed specially for short-haul and long haul-transportation respectively, and have proven to be reliable and deliver superior performance and fuel efficiency on the road despite the challenging weather and operating conditions in Malaysia.

MAN Malaysia_Managing Director_Andrew O'Brooks“MAN shook up the market when we became the first truck manufacturer in Malaysia to offer Euro 5 engines as standard across our entire product portfolio and we have not looked back since.  We are delighted to see more and more Malaysian transporters do their part in reducing their fleets’ carbon footprint with lower emission MAN Trucks. 2022 was an amazing year of growth for us and with increasing support from industry players, we are looking forward to an exciting year ahead,” commented MAN Malaysia Managing Director, Andrew O’Brooks, who took the opportunity to thank MAN customers for their smart decision in boosting their fleets with MAN Trucks.

MAN TGS_28-440O’Brooks further mentioned that MAN Malaysia had been busy preparing itself to meet the demands of a growing pool of customers in the country. After nearly 3 decades in Rawang, the company has relocated its headquarters to a more modern and spacious integrated facility in Shah Alam. This new facility would  eventually house its entire operations, including vehicle assembly.

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