Bills Logistic Solution Acquires 6 Scania XT Trucks

Bills Logistic Solution Acquires 6 Scania XT Trucks

Bills Logistic Solution Acquires 6 Scania XT TrucksTo improve its overall frequency of payload and vehicle uptime, Bills Logistic Solution Sdn Bhd made an acquisition of 6 units of Scania XT. The company recently took delivery of the 6 Scania New Truck Generation G460A6X4NZ Scania New Truck Generation (NTG) XT in a handover event from Heba El Tarifi, Managing Director of Scania Southeast Asia.

The Scania NTG XT is a robust variant designed to take on the toughest work. It is tailored to withstand challenging surroundings, thus helping to secure uptime and boost productivity for Bills Logistic to run a profitable operation.

Scania XT_BumperThe XT truck has a steel bumper for better protection of the components at the front of the vehicle. This results in reduction of unwanted downtime and costly cab and chassis repairs, while improving mobility with its larger attack angle. The XT is also fitted with headlamp protection and integrated fog lamps in the bumper. Because when driving in rough surroundings, having dependable lights that do not break makes a big difference.

Further, the easily accessible towing pin at the front provides a 40-tonne towing capacity, the strongest in the market. It allows the vehicle to be quickly pulled out of trouble, even without unloading its cargo. The robust XT mirrors also have a rugged, patterned surface that is scratch-resistant, helping the mirrors retain their high quality over time.

Of the 6 XT trucks, 2 of them are on an Operating Lease (OL). The OL scheme is one of the newer solutions as part of Scania’s Total Solutions services. As the first Scania OL for the Heavy-Duty Commercial Vehicle sector in Malaysia, it will give Bills Logistic better profitability due to lower monthly costs. Instalments are generally lower than a standard Hire Purchase Agreement with little or no upfront cost required to start operating these 2 NTGs. Since the asset is parked under Scania Credit instead, there will be no depreciation recorded in the client’s balance sheet, and the monthly payments are considered operating expense and are tax deductible.

Meanwhile, the remaining 4 XTs are backed by Scania Credit’s Hire Purchase which gives Bills Logistic a comprehensive solution for total peace-of-mind. Bills Logistic will also realise profitability immediately due to the fixed and predictable monthly costs of the Scania Instalment Plan.

Bills Logistic also signed the Repair & Maintenance (R&M) contract for the trucks as this will give the company worry-free operation due to predictable costs over 7 years. Bills Logistic will then be able to focus on its business by fully utilising the NTGs with planned downtime to maximise uptime via the precise scheduling for repairs and maintenance with minimal disruptions to its operations.

Additionally, the NTG XT is designed and engineered to provide better fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions as it is equipped with an advanced powertrain and aerodynamic solutions that improve fuel economy by 3%. The NTG XT comes with the Opticruise transmission with Economy Mode set as a default to save fuel.Scania Financial Services_Bills Logistic Solution Sdn Bhd

Moreover, Bills Logistic can utilise the Fleet Management System Control 10 to track and record the truck and driver’s performance, and optimise operations. The FMS provides real time positioning of the XT, vehicle performance, environmental reports, service planning and defect reporting to quickly identify potential vehicle usage improvements.

Safety is also a priority in the XT. The truck is fitted with Electronic Braking System (EBS) and Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) and are also complemented with the Daytime Running Light (DRL) for better visibility for surrounding vehicles on the road. For better driver ergonomics and comfort, the adjustable seat is close to the door, and essential controls are within easy reach on the dashboard. The truck also has large windscreen for an extended view.

Bills Logistic Solution_Scania NTG XT“I have been using Scania Trucks since 2012 and will certainly vouch for their reliability. With the New Truck Generation XT series, I will enjoy the best fuel efficiency, reduced CO2 emission, increased frequency of payload and uptime. The XT is the toughest truck money can buy, and it comes with so many features that will benefit my operation consistently,” said Chiew Keng Kah, Managing Director of Bills Logistic.

Bills Logistic Solution Sdn Bhd has been providing quality logistics solutions and transportation since 2007. It has offices and hubs strategically located in various parts of Malaysia and Singapore, and a fleet of more than 30 Scania trucks.

Heba Eltarifi_Managing Director_Scania Southeast Asia“We are glad to be one of the driving factors for Bills Logistic’s expansion plans. Our R&M and Scania Financial Services will continue to enhance Bills Logistic business further into the arena of sustainability and profitability that they have been enjoying over the last two decades. Let it be known that Scania will always have Bills Logistic’s back, especially with our after-sales services and the 24/7 Scania Assistance,” stated Heba.

For more detailed information on the XT Series and how it can work for your business please contact 03-7845 1000, email, visit or visit the nearest Scania Malaysia Sales and Services Centre and talk to a Total Solutions Executive for further details.



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