Sea Hawk’s 40 New Scania Trucks Covered By Repair & Maintenance Contract

Sea Hawk’s 40 New Scania Trucks Covered By Repair & Maintenance Contract

Logistics solutions provider, Sea Hawk Global Lines Sdn Bhd had ordered 40 new Scania trucks that will be covered by Scania’s Repair & Maintenance Contract (R&M). The first batch of this purchase consisting of the G410 A6X2NZ Sleeper Cab, was recently officially handed over by Heba El Tarifi, Managing Director, Scania Southeast Asia, to Mohamed Ariff, Chairman of SHAL Group (Sea Hawk Lines i.e. Sea Hawk’s parent company from India), along with S. Kamalesh, Director of Sea Hawk, and top management from SHAL and Sea Hawk.

L-R: Mohamed Ariff and Heba with the R&M and IP7 contracts
L-R: Mohamed Ariff and Heba with the R&M and IP7 contracts

The R&M contract is designed to provide Sea Hawk with worry-free operation as a result of the predictable costs over the 7 years. Sea Hawk will be able to focus on its business by fully utilising the NTGs. The company will be able to make precise scheduling for repairs and maintenance, thus planning its trucks’ downtime in order to get maximum uptime with minimal disruption.

The Scania New Truck Generation (NTG) ordered by Sea Hawk are also financed through Scania Financial Services, and includes 10 years of complimentary Scania Fleet Management System (FMS) Control 10 service.  Scania’s fit-for-purpose solution is intended to help Sea Hawk find the perfect balance of uptime, payload, and fuel efficiency.

The Scania FMS Control 10 not only provides information and insights to vehicle and driver performance, it can also give real time positioning, environmental reports, service planning and defect reporting, to quickly identify usage improvements. Furthermore, Sea Hawk can realise profitability immediately with the fixed and predictable monthly cost from the Scania Instalment Plan 7 (IP7) over the 7 years of the plan, giving it total peace of mind.Scania G Series NTG_Sea Hawk Global Lines

Moreover, the improved aerodynamics of the NTG as well as the default Eco mode of the Opticruise transmission can help the business reduce fuel usage and increase profitability, especially when driven by Scania-trained drivers. For the driver, the cabin features improved ergonomics to reduce stress and fatigue. The G Sleeper Cab offers a premium cabin with easy access, generous storage options and comfortable resting area.

“I am glad to be in a sustainable partnership with Scania knowing very well that we are getting maximum uptime and payload from our NTGs. After all Scania takes care of the maintenance of our Scania trucks ensuring the best fuel-efficiency with lower CO2 emissions resulting in sustainable, increased productivity and profitability for our business,” said Pankaj Nair, General Manager of Sea Hawk.

Established in 2003, Sea Hawk Global Lines Sdn Bhd is a major player in the logistics industry, focusing on shipping and container haulage as its core business. It also has sizeable warehousing facilities totalling over 1.5 million square feet in the vicinity of Port Klang Free Zone, Westport and North Port to cater to its customers’ needs. It also has supporting branch offices in Penang and Pasir Gudang. Sea Hawk currently has 13 Scania trucks in its fleet, with the additional 40 NTGs significantly expanding it.Scania Southeast Asia_Heba El Tarifi_Sea Hawk_Mohamed Ariff

“I would like to thank Sea Hawk for their continued trust in Scania sustainable transport solution. Together in a sustainable partnership, we continue to ensure that Sea Hawk will prosper into the future,” said Heba El Tarifi, Managing Director, Scania Southeast Asia.

You can enquire further on the trucks, R&M contract or financial services by contacting Scania (tel: 03-7845 1000; email:


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