HELLA Introduces Retrofit LED Headlight Bulbs On Auto2u.my Platform

HELLA Introduces Retrofit LED Headlight Bulbs On Auto2u.my Platform

L-R: Sharon Yeem, Co-founder & Head of Ecommerce, auto2u.my; Jackie Wong, Co-founder & CEO, auto2u.my; Jared Leong, Managing Director, HMT Sdn Bhd (HELLA); Cynthia Chua, Board Member, HMT Sdn Bhd.

HELLA, a well-known German brand of automotive lighting technology, has introduced its line of HELLA Retrofit LED headlight bulb, its first-ever LED bulb built specially for car headlights. The Retrofit LED headlight bulbs are available exclusively in auto2u.my, an e-commerce marketplace for automotive products.

This exclusivity allows you to be the first to purchase the new LED bulb through auto2u.my before it is available on other platforms. From 23 August until 22 September 2022, you can enjoy a 25% discount along with free gifts worth RM89 by purchasing via auto2u.my. All you need to do is use the “AUTO2U25“ promo code during this HELLA pre-launch sales period.auto2u.my_Homepage

“We are indeed thrilled to launch this all-new Retrofit LED bulb, innovated with the needs of modern car and bike lovers in mind. Partnering with auto2u.my, a niche automotive ecommerce platform, also promises the opportunity for us to more accurately target the motoring audience,“ commented Stefan van Dalen, Executive Manager of HELLA Business Segment – Aftermarket.

HELLA develops and manufactures lighting, electronic components and systems for the automotive industry. You may be familiar with the HELLA brand of halogen lightbulbs, spotlights, wipers, and horns.

“It is our privilege to be able to work together with a renowned German brand like HELLA and be the first to introduce this new innovative Retrofit LED bulb to the market. At auto2u.my, we work only with brand  principals to ensure all our products are authenthic while giving the best deals for our customers,“ shared Jackie Wong, Co-founder & CEO of auto2u.my, of this collaboration with HELLA.

Hella Retrofit LED Headlight BulbDesigned to be convenient, compact and economic, the HELLA Retrofit LED bulb is developed for plug-and-play application. Its compact and stylish design provides maximum comfort and convenience for easy installation and replacement. The bulb’s design is based on the halogen bulb socket which covers almost 80% to 90% of cars in the market.

The HELLA Retrofit LED bulb projects a brighter and whiter light output at a colour temperature of 6500K. It has a built-in fan and driver for cooling which helps to lengthen the bulb’s lifespan. Through HELLA’s experience and technology in lighting innovations, the light projected has a good cutting point that provides a focused and non-glaring light output. Additionally, the bulb also offers an optional CANbus adapter for cars that require a CANbus.

This LED bulb is designed to provide savings. It is created and sold at an affordable price, and consumes less electricity, as well as lasts longer thus requiring fewer bulb replacements over the life of the car. Theoretically, this LED bulb can last up to 50,000 hours of 6500K (pure white) light output. The range of bulbs include high and low beam headlights, and fog lights, and applicable to various types vehicles.

Designed as a retrofit bulb, this is meant for owners of cars that are not fitted with LED headlamps to upgrade their car’s lighting to the latest LED technology. The Retrofit LED bulb offers exceptional brightness with optimised light distribution. The light projected is focused with an excellent cutting point, preventing light output dispersion to reduce glare towards opposite drivers.Hella Retrofit LED Headlight Bulbs_Range

HELLA maintains a high standard and has a long history of strict quality control on all its automotive equipment to give customers satisfaction and peace-of-mind.

The HELLA Retrofit LED bulbs are sold exclusively on the auto2u.my platform throughout this pre-launch sales period (23 August – 22 September 2022) and early bird customers will enjoy a special 25% discount (Promo Code “AUTO2U25“) as well as a Free Gift bundle comprising a Thermo tumbler, microfibre cloth and roadtax sticker worth RM89. 

For more information on HELLA Retrofit LED, visit https://www.hella.com/partnerworld/us/Product-range/Lighting/LED-retrofit-32407/


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