Maserati Introduces New Extra10 Warranty Programme

Maserati Introduces New Extra10 Warranty Programme

Maserati has introduced a new service i.e. the Extra10 Warranty Programme as one of the brand’s innovative offerings to its customers. This new initiative enables Maserati to provide all its customers with added value. It is also a major new feature for the Italian Trident that aims to regulate the value of its cars over time, thus guaranteeing total peace of mind, combining driving pleasure with ownership pleasure.Maserati_Ghibli Hybrid_Headrests_Contrasting Dark Blue Stitching Embroidery

The Maserati Extra10 Warranty Programme essentially extends the coverage on powertrain components i.e. engine and transmission, until the vehicle turns 10 years old. This programme is offered in addition to the existing programme, to extend the warranty by 4 or 5 years (known as “Extended Warranty”). This extended coverage is available worldwide*, and for all customers of any Maserati model**.

Maserati Levante S _FrontFlexibility, innovation and personalisation: these are the fundamental factors that guide the Maserati Personal Service Lab in the development of new services dedicated to its customers. Maserati introduces the new Extra10 Warranty Program, to extend the coverage of powertrain components – engine, gearbox, transmission – until the car turns 10 years old.

You can visit any Maserati dealer to check if your car is eligible for this scheme, and to receive all the relevant information regarding this service, as well as for activation of this extended warranty. The dealer will also share with you information on all the additional services that can come with the Extra10 Warranty programme, including pick-up and return service to your home, courtesy car and others.

This extended warranty is a product of the Maserati Personal Service Lab. This is a department at Maserati devoted to creating services and offers which are focused on combining the company’s tradition on performance with innovative services to enhance the ownership experience.

* Available for USA, Canada, Latin America starting from October 1, 2022.

** Within 9 years and 6 months from the registration date, with no mileage limit.


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