Ferrari Commissions Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Plant At Maranello

Ferrari Commissions Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Plant At Maranello

Ferrari had recently commissioned a 1 megawatt solid oxide fuel cell plant at its facility in Maranello. This new power plant will provide 5% of the total energy required for Ferrari’s production activities*. It will also reduce the company’s emissions and fuel consumption for energy, as it takes another step towards becoming carbon neutral by 2030. Compared to CHP (Combined Heat and Power) cogeneration systems, gas requirements will be reduced by around 20% with a significant saving in energy.Ferrari_Maranello_Fuel Cell Plant

The plant is built by Bloom Energy, a US-based company which has its solid oxide fuel cell applications utilised in various sectors such as manufacturing, healthcare and data centres. Solid oxide fuel cells typically generate electricity from hydrogen and thus has a significantly lower impact in terms of carbon and emissions.

But this innovative technology platform also offers flexibility in the choice of energy sources required to power the plant e.g. hydrogen, natural gas, biomethane or a combination, to convert the fuel into electricity without combustion.

A further benefit of this highly efficient system, compared to the equivalent systems used previously, is the reduction of more than 99% of the pollution that causes the build-up of smog and particulate matter.
Fuel Cell Plant_Ferrari HQ_Maranello

“Ferrari is working harder than ever to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030, through the adoption of leading-edge technologies and of a scientific approach that are written in our DNA. We are thrilled to partner with Bloom Energy, as both our Companies are highly committed to a decarbonization path, and proud to host its first European installation,” said Benedetto Vigna, Ferrari CEO.

“Ferrari is a legendary trailblazer in the luxury automotive industry, and Bloom Energy commends their commitment to leading in both operational excellence and carbon neutrality across their entire value chain by 2030,” commented KR Sridhar, Bloom Energy Founder, Chairman and CEO.

* Based on energy requirements of Ferrari facilities in 2021.


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