Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Releases Adjusted Retail Prices

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Releases Adjusted Retail Prices

We are well into the month of July, and as you may be aware, any booking / sale of a new car going forward will include sales tax. The government had previously exempted the purchase of new locally assembled and fully imported vehicles from the sales tax (SST) but this expired on 30 June 2022. However, cars booked by this 30 June deadline are still eligible for the tax waiver until 31 March 2023, to help ease the strain on manufacturers who are still facing production / supply constraints. Thus for cars booked from this month onwards, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia has released the adjusted manufacturer’s recommended retail prices.Mercedes-Benz Autohaus_Showroom

The reintroduction of the sales tax for locally-assembled and fully imported vehicles are effective from 1 July
2022. The revised retail prices are:

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia_Price List_2022_SST


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