Daihatsu Gran Max Updated With Convenience And Safety Features

Daihatsu Gran Max Updated With Convenience And Safety Features

The versatile Daihatsu Gran Max gets some updates for 2022 that adds convenience and safety features. Convenience and practicality are some of the most important considerations for commercial vehicle users. And as such, the principle behind the Daihatsu Gran Max Minor Change (MC) concept is to ease the stress for the entrepreneurs or logistics personnel.

“Daihatsu Malaysia aims to provide an overall driving experience in providing comfort, reliability, safety and above all convenience and practicality in every drive,” said Arman Mahadi, Managing Director of Daihatsu (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.

The Gran Max Minor Change (MC) 2022 sees updates such as power windows, Multimedia Player System with Reverse Camera and a 12V/24V Fast Charging USB Port.

Daihatsu Gran Max_Cabin_DashboardThe power windows are available for both driver and passenger, and can be controlled by the driver concurrently or one at a time. This improves convenience for the driver especially at check points when compared to the previous manual windows.

Additionally, the new multimedia player system is powered by Android 10 with Bluetooth 4.2 and PhoneLink connectivity. This convenience helps to enhance driving safety as the driver is able to make / take calls via the multimedia system with less distraction. It also allows for a more personalised selection of driving music or entertainment.

Furthermore, the PhoneLink feature allows for phone mirroring via cable and supports 2-way control for Android and 1-way control for iOS. This allows the driver to mirror the smartphone display onto the 7″ high resolution infotainment touchscreen. Display of GPS navigation from mirroring and connected smartphone apps is also available, allowing for more optimal route management. The updated multimedia player system also comes with a reverse camera view function to improve safety, and provides stress-free parking convenience.

The inclusion of a 12V/24V fast charging USB port to provide convenient charging of devices while on the move is also especially useful particularly when the driver spends a lot of time on the road.

Daihatsu Malaysia_Arman Mahadi_Managing Director“Daihatsu Malaysia strives to put together a series of new product enhancements and services with the aim to benefit new and existing customers. Incorporating Daihatsu’s official slogan ‘Light You Up’, our aim is to further refine the strengths that Daihatsu has developed thus far, reflecting its mission to illuminate the finer parts of our customers’ needs. Thus, Gran Max MC is one of our commitments to undertake for 2022,” added Arman.

Daihatsu Malaysia aims to provide customers with products and services that helps them in their businesses. In the span of 5 years, Daihatsu Malaysia had accomplished some noteworthy milestones. It had introduced the first-ever light commercial vehicle with automatic transmission to the market, introduced Euro 4-standard engine, initiated the Daihatsu Mobile Service, launched the Daihatsu Business Fleet Programme, Daihatsu e-Showroom Online Booking and Daihatsu E-Commerce Digital Store.

The retail prices for the updated Daihatsu Gran Max (MC) 2022 are (on-the-road without insurance):

  • Pick-up : RM74,498
  • Panel Van (MT) : RM74,736
  • Panel Van (AT) : RM78,836





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