Isuzu Malaysia Hits New Sales Milestone With D-Max Pickup Truck

Isuzu Malaysia Hits New Sales Milestone With D-Max Pickup Truck

Last month, March 2022, Isuzu Malaysia achieved a milestone with its D-Max pickup truck with the highest ever monthly sales record since its inception in 2005. A total of 1,233 registrations of the 3rd generation Isuzu D-Max were recorded in March. This was partly enhanced by a generous shipment received, to address the company’s backlog of orders. The company’s previous sales record was 885 units, recorded in December 2014 following the introduction of the highly-popular 3.0L V-Cross variant.

Isuzu D-Max Auto Plus_Kenkichi SogoAccording to Chief Operating Officer of Isuzu Malaysia, Kenkichi Sogo, the ramped-up deliveries from the factory enabled Isuzu Malaysia to relieve waiting time for some of the customers. “As a customer-centric brand where our owners depend on Isuzu vehicles to serve them faithfully, our priority was to hasten supply to meet the increased demand for this highly-popular and versatile pick-up truck,” said Sogo. “I wish to thank our customers who have eagerly and patiently waited for their brand new Isuzu D-Max. We hope to continue ramping up supplies over the coming months to further reduce the waitlist for our vehicles,” he added.

Isuzu D-Max_1.9 PremiumSupply was increased through additional allocation from the factory and the top variant delivered in March was of the 1.9L Premium Auto variant; around 350 units of this were delivered to their owners. The D-Max 1.9L Premium Auto variant is a popular choice among Malaysian buyers, offering desirable features i.e. stylish design, excellent driving performance, premium interior as well as the lowest road tax in its segment.

Additionally, the company managed to deliver about 163 units of the popular flagship X-Terrain variant. This is despite it being one of the most popular models globally which has limited stock. This variant has highly-advanced safety and comfort features and has proven to be a prime choice for users who want a more deluxe pickup truck.Isuzu D-Max_Interior_Steering_Dashboard_Touchscreen

Isuzu Malaysia_Shunsuke Okazoe_CEOIncoming Chief Executive Officer, Shunsuke Okazoe, underlined the need to prioritise customer satisfaction through improved sales and aftersales efforts. Having served in various international postings in Japan, America, India and Thailand, he has held positions in corporate and sales planning and said that his priority for Malaysia will be to strengthen the Isuzu network and build greater customer satisfaction.

“While Isuzu Malaysia is still a relatively young company, our customer base has grown significantly in the past 17 years. Isuzu’s strong brand reputation, dependable product line-up and a strong support network has helped us create a very strong platform for growth. Our immediate aim therefore will be to enhance our support system in tandem with the growing population of Isuzu customers,” said Okazoe, who holds a law degree from Kyushu University, and has been involved in the Isuzu business for the past 26 years.

Isuzu Malaysia currently has 54 authorized dealerships strategically located around the country in populated centres. The company is looking to embark on a network enhancement exercise to ensure customers enjoy a more comprehensive experience in a conducive and comfortable environment.


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