FLUX Minimises Your Commitment On EV Ownership

FLUX Minimises Your Commitment On EV Ownership

If you have a curiosity or interest in getting an electric vehicle (EV) but are hesitant because of the possible long term commitment the you can try FLUX. FLUX is a multi-brand vehicle subscription service that can help minimise your commitment on EV ownership. Through FLUX, there is no worry on the initial downpayment for a car nor a multi-year loan.

Since 2019, FLUX’s All-In-One subscription has provided customers with all the benefits of owning a car without the drawbacks that come with purchasing it via loan. There is no downpayment, no car loan, no interest cost, and essentially no debt. It’s a hassle-free, low commitment way of having a car.

In light of recent launches of EV models and the increasing consumer interest in them, FLUX has added to its fleet a variety of EVs such as the BMW iX, BMW iX3, BMW i4, Hyundai Kona Electric e-Max, Mini Cooper SE, and Nissan Leaf.

FLUX_EV_Nissan LeafThis addition will allow FLUX service subscribers to subscribe and try out long-term “ownership” of an electric car without being locked in by loans or downpayments. One of the biggest deterrents for buying an EV in Malaysia is the price. While EVs can save you money in the long run, the upfront costs can be too much for some who cannot justify paying this amount. The most affordable new EV model, the Nissan Leaf, starts at around RM145,000 which is comparably more expensive to a similarly sized petrol-powered car.

However, with FLUX’s electric car subscription, you can now have drive an EV without the high upfront costs, as per this example:Flux_EV_BMW iX

  1. 5-year loan, 10% downpayment at 2.5% interest rate.
  2. Source: CarBase.my, Comprehensive Insurance Policy.
  3. Monthly Fee and Total First Year Spend after 6% service tax will be RM8,616 and RM17,492 respectively.

Another point of hesitation for Malaysian consumers in buying an EV is the relative unfamiliarity and uncertainty of depreciation and resale value. As a FLUX subscriber, you will not have to bear these risks of associated with traditional ownership.

FLUX_EV_Hyundai Kona E-MaxWith FLUX, you can subscribe to an EV for as long or as brief as you want. At the end of the subscription period, you just return the car to FLUX and pay for what you use.

Moreover, if you don’t enjoy a particular EV you signed up with, or if it doesn’t you fit your needs, you have the hassle-free option to switch to another model. Or if down the road you find out that EVs are not for you yet, you can still switch over to FLUX’s fleet of fossil-fuel powered vehicles.

In addition, FLUX provides a concierge door-to-door service that handles all administrative and maintenance matters on your behalf.

“We are on a mission to eliminate the barriers when it comes to accessing mobility. This is even more so when it comes to EV adoption. So many people are keen to try electric, but don’t want to take the leap because they don’t want to make an expensive mistake. Via a FLUX electric car subscription, consumers have the opportunity to test ‘owning’ their first EV,” said Aziz Ayman, Founder & CEO of FLUX.

You can subscribe to any of FLUX’s EVs for 12 months, or up to 3 years to enjoy the most competitive subscription rates. The EVs listed above are available for pre-booking on www.driveflux.com.

For more information, get in touch with FLUX Customer Service at support@driveflux.com or 03 6411 5611.


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