Scania Showcases Its Safe And Sustainable Partnerships At MCVE 2022

Scania Showcases Its Safe And Sustainable Partnerships At MCVE 2022

Heba with representatives of Billion Stars, Xin Hwa and Chemtrax, and Deputy Minister of Transport.

At the ongoing MCVE 2022 show, Scania is showcasing some of its safety and sustainable transport solutions. This includes its New Truck Generation (NTG) with Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), its Euro 5-compliant truck, as well as its B100 FAME-prepared coach. These products are a part the company’s goal to form sustainable partnerships in Malaysia and join it in achieving its Science-Based Target initiative for carbon neutrality.

For the customers who join Scania in this sustainable partnership, the brand’s transport solutions still ensure improved profitability in its customers’ business while caring for the environment. 

Scania_Chemtrax_P-Series ADR TruckChemtrax Sdn Bhd, a logistics company based in Johor, entered into a sustainable partnership with Scania late last year. Chemtrax specialises in the transport of hazardous chemicals and purchased the first ADR Specification NTG model with ADAS. ADR is the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road, a standard for carrying dangerous and hazardous materials.

The Scania P410A6x2NA bought buy Chemtrax is equipped with Lane Departure Warning (LDW) and Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) for added safety. LDW is a practical aid that warns the driver if the vehicle is about to cross the lane markers, when the turn indicators are not activated. The system automatically detects the lane markers and advises the driver when the vehicle combination is too close to the oncoming lane or verge / ditch markings. Meanwhile, AEB is a system that uses camera and radar to register what is happening in front of the vehicle. This system works to prevent a collision with the vehicle in front through automatic braking, or reduce the impact of collision.

Scania_Rollover Side Curtain AirbagThe implementation of ADAS in heavy commercial vehicles together with proper and authorised maintenance will reduce road accidents and casualties, reduce repair cost of road infrastructure caused by accidents, and reduce traffic congestion as a result of accidents. Other features of the New Truck Generation include a new chassis design, extended storage options, and enhanced safety features such as the award-winning rollover side curtain airbags, which is a first in Malaysia. Chemtrax had recently purchased 10 units of Scania NTG.

Scania_Xin Hwa Holdings_R Series Euro 5_Another Scania partner, logistics solutions provider Xin Hwa Holdings Berhad, became the first customer to receive Scania NTGs with Euro 5-compliant engines. Showcased here, a key feature amongst many Scania engine technologies in the Scania NTG Euro 5 R620A6x4NZ is the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system that reduces local emissions which contribute to smog and haze. In accordance with the EU emission standard, local emissions are measured for harmful Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) gases, and particulate matter (PM). The Extra High-Pressure Injection (XPI) in this model also enhances performance and fuel economy.

Notable safety features include the Electronic Braking System (EBS) for responsive emergency braking, while the retarder provides additional braking power. Additionally, the standard Opticruise gearbox gives the Scania NTG Euro V a pre-set default Economy mode for improved fuel efficiency.

Scania_Billion Stars Express_SHL CoachAnother Scania showcased is Billion Stars Express Sdn Bhd’s K360IB4x2 FAME-prepared coach that can run on B20 to B100 biodiesel. FAME stands for Fatty Acid Methyl Esters which is the technical term for the biodiesel produced in Malaysia. The FAME-prepared coach is environmentally-friendly. It produces less CO2 thus helping to lower emissions and slow down the effects of climate change. These Scania coaches come with safety technology, great comfort and reliability that every passenger talks about. The body of this 21-seat The Ark variant is built and fitted out for Billion Stars by established coachbuilder Sin Hock Leong Coach Works.

As the first major manufacturer of heavy commercial vehicles, Scania’s far-reaching climate targets have officially been approved by the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi). Scania is committed to achieving the set goals of limiting global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. Scania will also cut CO2 emissions from its own operations by 50% by 2025 and reduce emissions from its products by 20% in the same period. All the Scania Total Solution offerings play their part in collectively achieving the SBTi target.

Scania R620 6x4_Euro 5“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers in our sustainable partnerships, especially the ones who are here today, together with Scania in showing that profitability and sustainability can go hand in hand. That is why Scania continues to be a leader in driving the shift towards a sustainable transport system together with our partners. We hope more will join us on this journey towards reaching our SBTi targets,” said Heba El Tarifi, Managing Director, Scania Southeast Asia.

Scania is also hosting the ‘A Good Driver’ Competition at the MCVE. This is an opportunity for the public to experience driving a Scania truck or bus and win some prizes. Winners are awarded prizes every 2 hours daily (up to 4 times).


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