Isuzu Malaysia Expects Strong Demand For Popular D-Max Pick-Up Truck To Continue...

Isuzu Malaysia Expects Strong Demand For Popular D-Max Pick-Up Truck To Continue In 2022

Isuzu Malaysia is expecting the strong demand for its popular D-Max to continue in 2022. Since its global debut, the all-new 3rd generation Isuzu D-Max pick-up truck has won over users and critics alike with its impressive level of sophistication, comfort and capability. Launched last April in Malaysia, the all-new D-Max gained significant interest, especially its new flagship i.e. D-Max X-Terrain.

“Through the strong and bold design of the new model, excellent safety features and impressive comfort and premium SUV-like refinement, the D-Max X-Terrain has raised the bar to be one of the most desirable pick-up trucks on the market today,” said Isuzu Malaysia’s Chief Operating Officer Kenkichi Sogo.

This new X-Terrain variant has repeatedly been dubbed a revolutionary truck, having redefined the landscape of the pick-up truck industry by combining next-level comfort, refinement and safety in a package that doesn’t compromise on Isuzu’s characteristic versatility and overall dependability.

Isuzu_D-Max_Interior_SeatsLocally, the new Isuzu D-Max X-Terrain swept no less than 5 “Pick-up Truck of the Year” titles. Media titles such as Carplus, Carlist,, Rider ATH and Wapcar picked the Isuzu as the worthy title holder for its impressive ability to bring the pick-up truck experience to a whole new level. “There were just so many ‘wow’ factors in the new Isuzu D-Max that it was immediately the worthy choice. During our test drive of the Isuzu, we often wondered how a tough and capable vehicle like the D-Max was able to be transformed from a rough diamond to be a brilliantly-polished gem,” commented one senior editor.

With the strong demand momentum expected to continue through 2022, Isuzu Malaysia’s priorities will be to address the backlog of supply in order not to disappoint eager customers. “Many customers have been patiently awaiting delivery of their new vehicles. We are hoping that the supply disruptions can be alleviated soon in order for us to fulfill the demand for this new truck,” said Sogo.

Isuzu D-MAX_2021This backlog is largely due to the global acute shortage in the semiconductor sector which had impacted Isuzu’s production timeline. The company however managed to deliver the D-Max X-Terrain to 713 owners, making it the 2nd most popular model in Isuzu Malaysia’s line-up after the versatile and capable D-Max 1.9L 4×4 Premium variant (842 units sold). Urban centres of the Klang Valley and Kota Kinabalu predictably had the biggest appetite for the new flagship model, taking up more than half of the nationwide total. The company also attributes the X-Terrain for expanding its appeal to first-time pick-up truck owners.

“We expect that once supply is regulated, we will be able to double the deliveries and achieve our target of selling 8,000 units this year,” added Sogo.

The all-new Isuzu D-Max range comes in a variety of variants suited to individual requirements, starting with Single Cab variants that offer excellent workhorse capabilities to a wide selection of Double Cab models powered by the remarkable 1.9L turbo diesel engine or the more powerful 3.0L.

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