UMW Toyota Motor Commits To Flood Relief Initiatives

UMW Toyota Motor Commits To Flood Relief Initiatives

UMW Toyota Motor (UMWT) has turned its Shah Alam facility into a flood command centre, organising the donation of basic necessities to the flood victims. Its staff had also started going to the flood affected communities on 24 December to offer help with the clearing and cleaning of flooded homes. This initiative was also supported by the Raja Muda of Selangor Foundation in providing guidance and support on the mechanics to a ensure smooth process in handling this situation.

UMW Toyota Motor_Corporate Social Responsibility_Volunteers_Flood ReliefAccording to UMWT, its staff volunteers will continue this assistance for as long as it is needed, where and when possible. “I am extremely grateful for this timely assistance in easing our burden as well as helping us to regain a sense of normalcy,” said Rosli bin Hassan, 62, a flood victim in Padang Jawa.

To ramp up aid relief efforts for the future, the company has also decided to enable its Toyota headquarters in Shah Alam to be converted into a ‘Command Centre’. It will function as a soup kitchen and relief distribution centre for victims in the event of a similar tragedy in the future.

“UMW Toyota Motor stands in solidarity with the community. Malaysians have been going through an extremely challenging period due to the flood and we want to do what we can to provide some relief. We express our sincerest sympathies to all the victims and families affected and we hope that our initiatives will be of some help,” said President of UMW Toyota Motor, Ravindran. K.

UMW Toyota Motor_Staff_Volunteers_Corporate Social Responsibility_CSR“We were also inspired and moved by the compassion of the many Malaysians who have volunteered to help out their fellow countrymen, including our group of staff volunteers. We realised that response and relief efforts were slow to take place. Hence, we decided that even for future, we will immediately convert our Shah Alam facility into a flood ‘Command Centre’ to provide kindhearted Malaysians a safe place to deliver and sort out the relief items before distributing to the surrounding temporary evacuation centres.”

To give added peace of mind to flood victims, vehicle owners are welcome to park their vehicles in the premise regardless of make and model*.

Further, the company has distributed basic household necessities including stoves, fans and kettles to affected households to alleviate some of their burden. “We would like to take this opportunity to convey our heartfelt gratitude towards our suppliers namely Toyota Suppliers Club Malaysia, DENSO Malaysia, Toyota Tsusho and Sime Kansai for stepping up and also providing financial support to our endeavours. This contribution were used to buy household appliances and other necessities to be given as aid to the flood victims,” he added.

In addition to giving aid to the local communities, UMW Toyota Motor is also providing assistance to its own workforce affected by the flood. This includes repairs for personal vehicles registered under the affected staff, financial aid, as well as distribution of basic household necessities.

We commend UMWT on this initiative and commitment, although we hope that such unfortunate circumstance will not happen again.

*Available for the first 100 vehicles only; a signed indemnity is required.


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