PROTON Introduces New Gallery Concept As It Passes 100k Unit Sales

PROTON Introduces New Gallery Concept As It Passes 100k Unit Sales

PROTON has introduced a new visitor experience at its Centre of Excellence complex in Subang Jaya. The Gallery of Inspiration, which is open on weekdays from 8:30 am – 5:30 pm, marks the next step in the PROTON’s rebranding journey which began in 2019. This comes at an apt time, just as PROTON cleared the 100,000 sales barrier in November, with a total of 100,566 cars recorded for the 11 months of the year (including export sales).

Proton_Gallery of Inspiration_Augmented Reality DisplayThe Gallery of Inspiration showcases the brand’s history and past models, its inclusiveness with stakeholders in Malaysia’s automotive industry, local and global network, as well as current and future technologies in integrated displays that use virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to deliver an immersive experience. It also set up its first Proton Café to complement the gallery, the Crystal Showroom and Centre of Service Excellence.

“As the country’s first car maker, the history of PROTON and Malaysia’s automotive industry are intrinsically linked. We have achieved many firsts and introduced various innovations through the years and that journey is proudly shared in the Gallery of Inspiration. At the same time, our products have developed rapidly the last few years so we are also taking this opportunity to show car buyers what the future holds and what they can expect from PROTON,” said Roslan Abdullah, Chief Executive Officer, Proton Edar.

Proton X50_1.5 Premium_Ocean BlueIn November 2021, PROTON sold 14,187 cars, which means the company now has surpassed 100,000 unit sales 3 years in a row. November sales also improved by 6.2% over the previous month, marking the 3rd consecutive month of growth as business activities start to regain momentum and consumers take advantage of the sales tax exemption. Compared to November 2020, sales have increased by 24.3%. Domestic market share for the month is estimated at 24.5%, while year-to-date market share grew by 1.9% and is currently at 22.8%.

Proton Edar_Roslan Abdullah_CEO“November was a good sales month for Proton though overall industry numbers continue to be limited by supply and not demand. Crossing over the 100,000-unit threshold with a month to go is a high point for us after another year disrupted by COVID-19. We are humbled by the achievement and are now confident of ending the year with an increase in total sales. This will make Proton the sole national brand to grow sales and market share this year and give us a strong base heading into 2022 as we look to consolidate and improve our ranking both domestically and overseas,” said Roslan.

Proton_SagaContributing to its sales numbers is the Proton Saga which recorded 5,666 units sold, its best month since December 2020, making it the best-selling A-segment sedan in the country. PROTON also had a record month for the X50 which achieved 4,010 unit sales. It is currently the best-selling model in the SUV class. Meanwhile, 1,901 Proton X70 were sold, making it the sales leader for C-segment SUV.

However, component supply issues continue to plague the 2022 Proton Iriz and Persona thus limiting their production volumes. The company recorded sales of 642 and 1,534 units respectively.


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