Flux Offers Income Opportunity Using Your Spare Car

Flux Offers Income Opportunity Using Your Spare Car

Flux is offering car owners an additional income opportunity. If you have a spare car, or even just one that is sitting idle and unused, and you are open to an alternative revenue stream, then this is your chance to earn some money off it. By becoming a Flux host, you can enter your car into a subscription service and earn a passive second income.

How Flux Works

Flux_Car Subscription_MalaysiaFlux is an all-inclusive multi-brand car subscription platform that allows consumers and businesses to subscribe to a car for 1 to 36 months. Flux typically sources its vehicle inventory from automotive retailers, but it has now opened its doors to individual car owners. This allows private owners to open their cars to subscription by the more than 4,000 Flux members.

As a host on Flux, you can enjoy many benefits of listing your car, such as:

  • Covering Your Monthly Expenses
    • If you are still servicing a loan and sending your car for periodic maintenance despite not making use of the car, you can offset some of that expenditure with monthly earnings as a Flux host.
  • Earn An Income Without Any Effort
    • When you host your car on Flux, the Concierge team will manage everything e.g. insurance and road tax renewals, and servicing as well. Flux will pick up and deliver your car to the service centre.
  • Sell Your Car For The Right Price
    • Hosting with Flux allows you to keep the car a little longer without it being a financial burden. This allows you to make some money with Flux and later on sell your car when the market condition improves.
  • Prevent The Negative Effects Of Underusage
    • Cars that don’t get driven often will start to develop problems. Some of the effects of under-utilisation include dead batteries, tyres with flat spots, dried out rubber seals and components, and even pest infestations. You can prevent many such issues by keeping the car in frequent use.
How To Be A Host
  1. List Your Car
    • Flux_Cars_Subscription Service_MalaysiaReach out to Flux either via the “Become A Host” section in driveflux.com or via its Customer Service touchpoints (listed below). You will then be scheduled for an appointment to have your car inspected and given an explanation of the processes and monthly earnings.
  2. Sit Back And Wait For A Reservation
    • Once all documentation is completed and agreed upon, your vehicle details will be uploaded to Flux. When your car gets a reservation, Flux will coordinate with you for the most convenient collection date from a location of your choosing. Your car will be picked up by a Flux Concierge.
  3. You’re Covered – Rain Or Shine
    • Flux has a panel of insurers to specifically protect your car while under its subscription-type service. You can be assured that Flux will do everything by the book with established partners so that your car is adequately covered while it is on the road.
  4. Keeping An Eye On Your Ride
    • While your car is being driven by a Flux subscriber, Flux will monitor the status of your car and its occupants with onboard telematics. Protection of your asset is a priority, alongside creating a safe and positive experience for its members.
  5. Collecting Your Money
    • Flux’s payment management system will automatically pay your monthly earnings to a bank account set by you. Flux promises online and on-time transactions.

The following is an example of the monthly income derived from popular models in the Flux inventory*: Flux_Cars_IncomeAziz Ayman_Flux_Founder_Malaysia“The past 18 months have been tough on everyone. That’s why we must all do our part to help our community. At Flux, we wanted to offer a way Malaysians can bolster their income without requiring much effort. Whilst other car-sharing services focus on short-term rentals which require you to manage each and every trip, Flux helps turn your car into a long-term money maker without costing you any time or effort,” commented Aziz Ayman, Founder & CEO of Flux.

If you want to know how much your car could help you earn, contact Flux Customer Service at 03 6411 5611 or email support@driveflux.com to get an estimate.

* For Flux cars on a Standard mileage package


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