Gemilang Coachwork Sdn Bhd Will Use Altair Simulation Solutions To Increase Safety

Gemilang Coachwork Sdn Bhd Will Use Altair Simulation Solutions To Increase Safety

Coachbuilder, Gemilang Coachwork Sdn Bhd, will be using simulation solutions from Altair to increase the safety of its products. Gemilang Coachwork is a subsidiary of Hong Kong-listed Gemilang International Limited, that designs and manufactures bus bodies.

Headquartered in Johor Bahru, Gemilang Coachwork has been designing and manufacturing a range of aluminium and steel bus bodies (SKDs and CKDs), and assembling buses (CBUs) for over 3 decades. In addition to its home market, Malaysia, Gemilang’s quality products have been exported to more than 10 markets in Asia, including Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, China and India.

MAN_Double Decker BusWith global public transport operators placing greater emphasis on passenger safety and security, Gemilang Coachwork will make use of Altair’s solutions to boost passenger safety for commercial buses and coaches by capitalising on simulation technologies. With this agreement, Altair will provide its industry-leading simulation solution to help Gemilang automate bus rollover crash tests. This will help generate critical data for Gemilang engineers to build and design safer commercial vehicles.

“As road safety is one of the most important issues in sustainable transportation, Gemilang’s goal is to design and produce reliable commercial buses and bodies that meet both technical and safety requirements, locally and internationally,” said Mohsen Hamidipour, Research and Development Manager of Gemilang. “The collaboration with Altair enables us to strengthen our market leadership by ensuring our products meet the highest quality, reliability, and safety standards.”

Gemilang Coachwork_Bus_Coachbuilder“We firmly believe that everyone travelling on public transportation should feel safe and secure. That’s why testing is a crucial component in the entire product lifecycle – from design and product development to manufacturing,” added Hamidipour. “By collaborating with Altair, our engineers can now perform unlimited crash tests in virtual simulations for all critical safety-related parts to ensure that they meet all the crash and stiffness regulations.”

“We are happy to be involved in the Gemilang project, a very exciting next-generation project,” said Srirangam Srirangarajan, Altair’s Managing Director for Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand. “With a track record spanning more than 35 years in product design, advanced engineering software, data analytics, and cloud computing technologies, Altair looks forward to advancing Gemilang’s leadership in passenger safety.”

Altair_Bus Rollover Simulation“Virtual crash tests are often perceived as one of the most expensive and time-consuming tasks for many automotive manufacturers. Altair’s enterprise simulation solution for vehicle crash has become the global standard and it is fully-compliant with the UN ECE R66 Standard,” said Srirangarajan. “By applying simulation technologies upfront in the vehicle development process, Gemilang engineers will now gain valuable data to eliminate any potential safety issues to improve passenger safety while also making the vehicle more efficient and reliable.”

Altair has been serving the Malaysian market for nearly ten years, providing a rich portfolio of advanced engineering software and on-demand computing technologies to industry and government clients.


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