Scania Ecolution Partnership Pays Off For Naidu Trans Logistics Sdn Bhd

Scania Ecolution Partnership Pays Off For Naidu Trans Logistics Sdn Bhd

The Scania Ecolution partnership is paying off for Johor-based Naidu Trans Logistics Sdn Bhd. The logistics company, which operates a fleet of Scania prime movers, is seeing better results in reducing its carbon footprint after signing the Maintenance contract with Scania.

Naidu Trans is a key player in the logistics and transportation industry. Operating from Skudai, the company services the entire state of Johor as well as makes deliveries to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Penang. Its trucks transport an average of 700 to 800 freight containers per month.

Scania Ecolution_Boss Naidu_Scania Prime Mover_Naidu Trans Logistics“Our trucks are on the road almost 24/7, so it’s important for us to have the trucks serviced and well-maintained to withstand all the harsh elements that they go through when on-the road with the maximum uptime possible. Operationally, I vouch for the Scania trucks for its unbeatable performance. The Scania Ecolution partnership agreement that we signed over a year ago is showing positive results and it syncs very well with our Maintenance contracts,” commented Managing Director, Boss Naidu.

Scania G410_Prime Mover_Truck Cab_Naidu Trans LogisticsScania knows every single vehicle inside out – the reason why Naidu subscribe to Scania Maintenance. Scania’s maintenance procedures are proactive to avoid time-consuming and costly problems from occurring to maximise uptime and lower Naidu Trans’ operating costs. Scania Maintenance contract also gives predictable costs, so Naidu Trans can focus its time and energy on its business, worry-free. By individually optimising the different modules in its service plan, Scania ensures via the maintenance contract that downtime is planned and only occurs when absolutely necessary.

Moreover, Naidu Trans notes that Scania aftersales is always ready to offer assistance when necessary. With Scania Assistance, Naidu Trans also has access to the Scania network of workshops which are well-stocked with available spare parts for quick repairs, 24-hours a day.

To ensure top notch service to its customers, Naidu Trans uses the Scania Fleet Management System (FMS) Control 10 to optimise its fleet services. The FMS also helps to fine-tune its drivers’ performance on the job. The improvement in driving performance ultimately contributes to Naidu Trans’ profitability via lower operational costs. As such, the company runs an incentive programme to award its drivers with excellent performance. Programmes like this helps to reduce idling time, harsh braking and speeding and effectively reduces fuel consumption which is a large component of running cost.

Naidu Trans Logistics_Gajendran_Scania Prime Mover_G Series_EcolutionWhile it prioritises providing first-rate logistics solutions to its customers, Naidu Trans also focuses on caring for the environment. Boss Naidu, and his son Gajendran, are committed to sustainability by investing in the right products and contracted services.

As a result of the Scania Ecolution partnership and the Maintenance contract, the company has achieved commendable results within months. In the first quarter of 2021, the company had reduced its CO2 emissions by a further 41,465 kg. This is equivalent to planting about 667 trees that has been flourishing for the past one year.

“I truly like the fact that we are considered ’A Good Company’ and as we are one of the first Scania Ecolution partners in Johor we want to set a good example of how we can truly reduce the impact to the environment. Signing the Maintenance contract was another positive catalyst towards our steady growth. We recorded good results within the first few months of signing the Scania Ecolution agreement in 2019 and are showing better results in 2021 because at the end of the day, lowering our fuel consumption and CO2 benefits the environment and of course our future generation,” summarized Boss Naidu.


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