EvoClub Insurance By PrOmilej Offers Flexibility And Savings

EvoClub Insurance By PrOmilej Offers Flexibility And Savings

The EvoClub Insurance powered by PrOmilej is claimed to offer a revolutionary car insurance for motorists in Malaysia. According to by Aurizn Malaysia which introduced this insurance plan in partnership with Pacific & Orient Insurance Co. Bhd, this plan offers Malaysians flexibility and savings.

As the first mileage-based car insurance plan in Malaysia, the EvoClub Insurance powered by PrOmilej offers consumers as much as 40% savings up front on car insurance premiums. It also offers the flexibility for motorists to break their annual insurance costs to a maximum of three smaller payments, without incurring additional charges.

EvoClub Insurance_PrOmilejWith this ‘pay as you drive’ concept, motorists can start off with Plan 1 which offers 40% upfront savings for an allocated mileage of 5,000 km. Meanwhile, Plans 2 and 3 offer 20% and 10% savings for 10,000 km and 15,000 km mileage limits respectively. For maximum flexibility, consumers can easily upgrade plans by just topping up the difference between them. Each policy is allowed a maximum of two top-ups.

“We are very proud to have this opportunity to partner with POI to bring this innovative insurance product to Malaysian motorists and car enthusiasts. Firstly, low mileage cars can enjoy significant savings on insurance costs, and you get to multiply these savings if you own multiple cars,” said Bobby Ang, Editor in Chief of Aurizn Malaysia.

EvoClub Insurance powered by PrOmilej_Pacific & Orient Insurance Co“And because this plan offers the flexibility of upgrading between plans twice a year without incurring extra charge, consumers can use this to stagger their car insurance to a maximum of three payments by just paying the difference between plans. We feel these options come in very handy as we navigate the challenges of this pandemic with many of us now travelling less and some even earning less as well,” he continued.

For motorists who exceed the allocated mileage without topping up, the policy will continue to cover for third-party bodily injury or death and third-party damage only. This ensures that the vehicle continues to receive the minimum required coverage mandated by local laws to remain road legal.


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