GoCar Partners With Smart Selangor Parking And Flexi Parking To Offer Greater...

GoCar Partners With Smart Selangor Parking And Flexi Parking To Offer Greater Flexibility

GoCar Malaysia has partnered with is Smart Selangor Parking (SSP) and Flexi Parking™ (FP) to offer greater flexible in mobility for customers in the city. Studies show that KL-ites spend about 53 minutes¹ stuck in traffic jams and 25 minutes² looking for parking daily. GoCar believes that by making use of technology, this urban traffic issue can be changed.

GoCar_Street ParkingThrough this partnership and its other innovative features, GoCar is offering smart solutions to traffic and parking congestion, while reducing carbon emissions. Partnering with SSP and FP is in line with GoCar’s ultimate vision of making cities smarter while reducing car ownership. As an on-demand car-sharing platform, GoCar helps to decrease the number of cars fighting for space on roads. And now it is doing the same for street parking lots, too.

Users will now be able to utilise GoCar’s One-Way Trip feature (previously known as Free-Floating) and park at public parking lots without worrying about paying for parking. One-Way Trip is a service available 24/7 and enables users to book cars with more flexibility and control, paying only when needed and choosing their preferred drop off location later on. Now, with the SSP and FP collaboration, One-Way Trip gives users even more location options to drop off their GoCars.

GoCar_Malaysia_Car SharingAs a bonus, the entire experience from booking and payment to parking is done through a mobile app. This makes it contactless and safe, giving peace of mind in these uncertain times.

“We’re glad to be partnering with SSP and FP to enable GoCars to be parked at all street parking lots within Selangor. This makes it much easier for our users to get nearer to their destinations and drop off the cars at their convenience. This will help bring us closer to seamless urban mobility,” said Ham Yon Han from GoCar.

“While the feature is currently available in Petaling Jaya and Subang Jaya, we’re aiming to make other areas available by the end of the year. So do stay tuned as we strive to make cities smarter,” he shared.

GoCar_Street Parking_One-Way TripMeanwhile, Lai Thiam Sin, Chief Executive Officer of LiTS said, “Our 3 main objectives are to deliver better efficiency, accuracy and environmental friendliness to the public. Our partnership with GoCar aligns perfectly with these objectives. We look forward to enhancing this collaboration further to encourage the use of car-sharing technologies, powered by SSP and FP.” 

To enable the new street parking feature, you just need to ensure your GoCar app is updated to the latest version (v4.2 onwards). You can then book a One-Way Trip in the app, select a pickup place and drop it off at any available location.

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