Caltex Lubricants Street Borne Campaign Returns

Caltex Lubricants Street Borne Campaign Returns

The Street Borne campaign by Caltex Lubricants has returned. This campaign involves its Havoline and Delo Sports range of lubricants and Techron fuel system cleaners, that are engineered to protect engines and enhance performance.

Each featured product purchased will qualify you to receive a free limited edition Street Borne branded backpack, drawstring bag, chest bag or cap. The campaign is on now and will end on 30 September 2020.

Caltex_Havoline_Delo_Techron_Street Borne“This year, we have the utmost confidence that our loyal customers who have come to rely on our varied line of products will once again respond overwhelmingly. These gifts are our way of saying ‘thank you’ and giving back to Malaysian motorists for always counting on Caltex Lubricants for their motoring needs. If last year’s campaign is anything to go by, these limited-edition premiums will be the best choice for motorists to take on Malaysian streets,” said Muhammad Najam Shamsuddin, Area Business Manager for Asia Pacific Cluster of Chevron Lubricants.

Caltex Lubricants has included a wide variety of participating products for this campaign. Among these are Caltex Havoline engine oil with advanced technology for petrol-powered cars, and Delo Sports lubricants specially formulated to meet the intense demands of diesel powered SUVs and four-wheel drives. Also included are fuel system cleaners: Techron Concentrate Plus for petrol vehicles and Techron D ® Concentrate for diesel vehicles.

All products come with proven proprietary technology that addresses concerns such as high engine oil temperatures, hot and humid operating conditions, and challenging stop-and-go traffic.

Caltex_Street Borne Merchandise“Modern advances in current vehicle technology have warranted the need for enhanced lubricants and products that not only meet the harsh demands of today’s motoring needs, but also help to protect vehicles and even improve performance to safely and efficiently get our customers where they need to be. In a country like Malaysia, especially, where conditions vary significantly, depending on weather and traffic, reliable products are not only nice to have, but are truly necessary,” Shamsuddin emphasized.

You can also visit the Caltex authorised stores on Lazada and Shopee if you can’t get to the nearest Caltex service station or Havoline autoPro workshop, to enjoy the promotion.

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