PICKnGO App Allows You To Use Taxis For Deliveries And Pick Ups

PICKnGO App Allows You To Use Taxis For Deliveries And Pick Ups

PICKnGO is a taxi-oriented ride-hailing app launched in 2017. But due to the Movement Control Order (MCO), the taxi service has seen few passengers as movement outdoors has been limited. Hence to help the taxi drivers earn some income at this time, PICKnGo app users can now book the taxi ride as a delivery or pick up service. This gives another alternative to business owners and consumers to pick up their groceries, food or other essential items and have them delivered. A customer only needs to book a ride through the application and leave a relevant remark in the message section of the app.

PicknGo_Taxi App_MalaysiaThe MCO has been extended by another two weeks to 28 April 2020. Since the start of MCO on 18 March, taxi drivers have seen a significant drop in earnings and are facing a challenging time. Although the Ministry of Finance had said that taxi and e-hailing drivers are eligible for financial assistance under the new economic stimulus package, which sees the government provide a one-off payment for taxi drivers (RM600) and e-hailing drivers (RM500), it is far from sufficient.

Valerie Chan, Executive Director of PICK N GO Sdn Bhd, said that this financial aid is a short-term relief for taxi drivers but with MCO extended until 28 April, taxi drivers may not be able to sustain themselves on their own although they are allowed to work.

Thus, PICKnGO has embarked on this new service involving delivery of items as it would provide an additional avenue for taxi drivers to earn a living in these challenging times through their delivery operations.

Valerie Chan_Executive Director_Pick N Go Sdn Bhd_Taxi_Malaysia“We are also concerned over the widespread transmission of COVID-19 and have advised all our drivers take additional precautions by wearing face mask while on duty and have hand sanitizers in their vehicle. We also urge passengers to wear a mask while riding in the taxi,” said Chan.

“We are also practicing contactless and cashless payment system though the app to reduce any physical contact. Taxis are listed under essential services, hence they are allowed to move around conveniently to offer their service,” she adds.

“This would enable a natural progression for taxi companies to keep up with the advancements and the changing business landscape in the current e-hailing landscape which has become further challenging due to the given pandemic”, she adds.

Chan also reminded taxi drivers not to give up during this tough period and is hopeful that the public could support and provide an opportunity to taxi drivers by utilising their delivery services. PICKnGO has plans to collaborate with other industry players as well to provide food deliveries and courier services to help taxi drivers sustain in the nearest future.


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