Shell ‘Nak Ekstra RM20,000?’ Campaign On Until 9 February 2020

Shell ‘Nak Ekstra RM20,000?’ Campaign On Until 9 February 2020

Just so you are aware, the Shell Malaysia ‘Nak Ekstra RM20,000?’ promotional campaign is still on and will be until 9 February 2020. This weekly campaign rewards one grand prize winner with RM20,000 and 20 consolation prize winners with RM1,000 each. In total, 126 people will be rewarded by Shell Malaysia in this campaign.

“This is not a Shell story, this is a Malaysian story of lived experiences. We understand that many are faced with life’s hurdles and challenges and my goal is for us to help as many Malaysians as we can and we are doing this through the ‘Nak Ekstra RM20,000?’ campaign by giving Malaysians a platform to go further and do more,” said Shairan Huzani Husain, Managing Director of Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn Bhd and Shell Timur Sdn Bhd.

For Week Three’s grand prize winner, Muhd Shukri Muhd Deris, the win could not have come at a better time. Shell Malaysia_Nak Ekstra RM20,000 Campaign_Winners“My 6-year-old daughter is in preschool. While I am excited to see her start her schooling years, I was worried about the costs; from her books to school uniform and even school fees. Imagine my relief when I was told I won the RM20,000 grand prize from Shell Malaysia. This unexpected extra cash is a blessing for my wife and I, as it will contribute to our savings for our children’s education. Thank you, Shell, and I hope you will continue to reward Malaysian families in 2020!”

Gunaraj Murugasan, who is Week Two’s grand prize winner said: “For me, nothing is more important than my family’s well-being and that of fellow Penangites. I am an active member of the rotary club and we are always looking for ways to help communities in need. Now, Shell Malaysia will be part of our efforts to improve the lives of others as I plan to share the RM20,000 with those who truly need it”.

Meanwhile, Azniza Abu Bakar, the Week Four grand prize winner, can finally fulfil her dream of owning a house. “I could not believe I have won! The extra RM20,000 is more than enough for me to buy a house and still have some left for my savings. I am relieved as my prayers have been answered, and I thank Shell for this”.

With just a few more weeks of this campaign to go, there is still time for the rest of us to join in. You just need to follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Spend minimum RM40 in one receipt at any Shell stations nationwide

Step 2: Submit your details,with a receipt attached, via a physical contest form OR scan a QR code for online submissions.

For more information about ‘Nak Ekstra RM20,000?’ campaign, please visit


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