All-New Honda Jazz / Fit Due for February 2020 Launch Shows Honda’s...

All-New Honda Jazz / Fit Due for February 2020 Launch Shows Honda’s New Design Language

All-New Honda Fit / Jazz

Petaling Jaya 31 October 2019 – It’s been a week since the All-new Honda Fit has been premiered at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show, and it has been getting rather a lot of attention. The All-New Fit will be launched in Japan in February 2020, and will eventually make its way into Malaysia as the Honda Jazz.

20191023_125525A few videos from local YouTube channels have featured the Honda Fit, and the collective videos have garnered more than 300,000 views in total up till today. Based on a popular channel that has seen more than 150,000 views in the last seven days, the reactions are quite mixed. Most of the reactions are for the new look, while there are some who are not so impressed by it. However, the good news is that there are five variants with slightly different frontal interpretations, which makes it even more mysterious as to which one will be the Malaysian model.

20191023_130556No official information has been given out for the Fit, but is looks like it is about the same size as the outgoing generation, and if there is any change, it would be very minimal. The front of the Fit has gone through a complete change, and I was made to understand that this is the new design language. The front is more upright compared to the previous model, with a more pronounced and higher nose, which does remind me of a dolphin. The Fit or Jazz remains a hatch in build and is a four to five seater urban run-about.

20191023_125845Exterior features that are appealing are LED Daytime Running Lights, with projector headlamps and 16-inch wheels. The rims look good too, although the ones we eventually get may not be the same as those seen here at the Tokyo Motor Show. Also of note are 16-inch wheels, and interestingly, the rear wheels (at least on the display model we saw) are fitted with disc brakes as well. The suspension looks like it is Macpherson struts at the front and a torsion beam arrangement at the rear. Rear lights look like they are LED too.

20191023_130640The All-New Honda Fit / Jazz is available with new power trains – what we saw was a hybrid version, so we know that there is one available, and although we received some hints that there are some new power trains to be introduced soon, we are not sure if they will be introduced with this model. The transmission also has not been announced, and there is speculation that it could be an E-CVT, although the possibility of a DCT (Direct Clutch Transmission) has not been ruled out.

Inside, the very useful Ultra-Seat is retained at the rear, and the hybrid variant had no spare tyre, understandable, of course as the hybrid battery would be sitting where the spare wheel would otherwise be. However, there is a good chance the non-hybrid may not have a spare tyre either. At the front, we see a new two-spoke steering wheel, and a completely new dashboard, with a very neat screen for the instrument panel, and a large screen in the centre of the dashboard. A two-section glove compartment looks quite useful, and we see two-tone upholstery. Mind you, this is the Japan domestic model, so do not take it for granted that the Malaysian models and variants will be the same.

20191023_130701Personally, I think that the new Fit/Jazz is quite attractive, and even if you don’t like it now, it will grow on you. I have been looking at it again and again, every time I see a comment, whether positive or not so positive, and I find that it is growing on me!


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