The New Truck Generation By Scania Provides Sustainable Transport Solutions And Improves...

The New Truck Generation By Scania Provides Sustainable Transport Solutions And Improves Profitability

Scania G410_G Series_Prime Mover_Truck_MalaysiaThe New Truck Generation by Scania was launched in April 2019, highlighting the brand’s comprehensive features and services for profit maximisation and its focus on sustainable transport solutions while improving profitability for owners. As part of the company’s continuous effort to build awareness and educate truck owners and drivers alike of the features and services available, Scania (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd held a week-long New Truck Generation Test and Drive event at the Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS).

Over the course of the week, Scania hosted about 300 invited customers, guests, fans as well as members of the media to experience driving Scania’s New Truck Generation in a safe and controlled environment.

Scania Fleet Care_Cost Revenue Simulation_MalaysiaBefore experiencing the new Scania truck, guests were briefed on the technology as well as complementary services that will aid owners in maximising revenue and profit while minimising vehicle downtime. This includes the Scania Fleet Care which helps with managing and optimising vehicle & driver performance as well as maintenance. The new generation Scania Euro 3 diesel engines have already been improved to reduce fuel consumption by 3% and further optimisation of driver performance, maintenance schedules and adminstrative functions can improve profits by up to 9%. This may not seem like a lot for one truck but in a fleet of 10, 20 or more trucks, and over time, the numbers add up.

Scania_Fleet Management Portal_MalaysiaFurther, with the Scania Fleet Managment portal, owners can monitor vehicle and driver performance to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses in their fleet, and make the necessary remedies. The portal also allows Scania or the fleet owner to track the vehicles in real time as well as signal for vehicle / parts faults and maintenance scheduling. Monitoring a vehicle’s performance (fuel, NOx, CO, CO2, etc) can help a fleet owner plan the vehicle’s repair and maintenance in advance which will result in optimum uptime, and that means an increase of revenue per vehicle.

Besides these, Scania has also made available the options of rollover side curtain airbags for driver safety (a first in Malaysia) as well as a battery-operated cabin cooler that allows for the engine to be shut down thus saving on fuel and emissions when the driver queues at checkpoints or ports.

Scania_New Truck Generation_G410_G Series_Prime Mover_MalaysiaAt the event, guests had a chance to try out the Scania G410A6X2 prime mover on specific routes in MAEPS, pulling either an unloaded container or tipper. Safety-wise, the Scania New Truck Generation is engineered in collaboration with Scania’s sister company, Porsche Engineering, and has a more robust monocoque structure with high tensile steel. The front axle has been moved 50 mm to the front and tractor unit has a lower centre of gravity, allowing for a shorter overhang that reduces the degree of kneeling when under braking. Together with the 30″ brake chambers for the front disc brakes, the truck’s active safety features improve braking distance by 5%, from 40 metres to 38 metres for a truck with a 40-tonne gross trailer weight.

Scania_G Series_New Truck Generation_Cabin_Steering Wheel_InteriorDrivers also benefit from better driving visibility and ergonomics due to the repositioning of the seat, a lower dashboard and instrument panel as well as optimised positioning of the A-pillars. The steering column is also designed to absorb impact to reduce injury. Since the cab is essentially the truck driver’s office, there is a good amount of higher quality material and finishes used, which improves comfort and reduces stress. Further, for long distance driving comfort and convenience, there are a variety of seat adjustment options as well as storage inside and outside. There is also a new infotainment system that features a 7″ touchscreen; camera sensors and other warning systems are also available as additional safety options. Some may see these features as unnecessary but bear in mind that truck drivers occasionally travel hundreds of kilometres carrying goods worth several hundreds of thousand or several million Ringgit.

“The features of the New Truck Generation have improved greatly from the older generation as many things have been simplified making the truck more user friendly, very comfortable and most importantly the clear visibility from the different angles. The truck itself is more enhanced and very powerful. Safety feature such as the improved response from the braking system is also a plus point for Scania’s New Truck Generation,” said Alex Lai of Mansang Logistics Sdn Bhd.

From the driver’s perspective, enhancements have been made to provide an enriched driver’s environment as noted by Mohamad Hasni from Yeap Transport and Trading Company. “The cabin is one of a kind. Adjustable seat that is close to the door, ergonomic dashboard with touchscreen, and large windscreen with extended view make it easier for the driver to operate in a comfortable and safe environment. Scania has truly designed a truck that is focused on the customers and the drivers needs,” he explained.

Scania Southeast Asia Managing Director_Marie Sjödin Enström_Scania MalaysiaThe New Truck Generation by Scania is the result of 10 years of development and SEK 20 billion (MYR 10 billion) worth of investment with over 12 million kilometres of test-driving. “I am very grateful for all the guests who took the time to test & drive the New Truck Generation from Scania. I am even more inspired by the feedback that I have gotten from them. Our guests definitely saw the features that we can offer, felt the performance of the truck and also believe that this truck can help lower operating cost, increase revenue and profitability for their businesses,” said .

“As a business, Scania has been at the forefront of providing sustainable transport solutions to our customers. Our New Truck Generation will serve as the vehicle to carry the momentum of economic progress with reduced carbon footprint as we work towards our new 2050 commitment of achieving net-zero emissions,” Marie added.

As truck makers continue to improve its products to make them safer, more user-friendly and more eco-friendly, it is also time for laws and regulations to be updated and revised based on at least current technologies and business situations.

Scania_Mekar Angkut Sdn Bhd (Konsortium E-Mutiara group of companies) Scania G360A4X2NA New Truck handover_MalaysiaThe New Truck Generation Test and Drive 2019 event also saw a handover ceremony for two Scania customers i.e. Mekar Angkut Sdn Bhd and Tasik Bintang Transport and Trading Sdn Bhd. Mekar Angkut, which is part of the Konsortium E-Mutiara group of companies, decided to purchase 5 units of G360A4X2NA Scania New Truck Generation as their first time purchase after being satisfied with the performance of Scania buses operating under Konsortium E-Mutiara.

On the other hand, Tasik Bintang is an existing Scania customer with 12 Scania trucks in their fleet. It purchased a total of 9 New Truck Generation from Scania due to its experience of the performance and reliability of Scania trucks.



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