Registration For Volvo VISTA Global Aftermarket Technical Competition Now Open

Registration For Volvo VISTA Global Aftermarket Technical Competition Now Open

VISTA or Volvo International Service Training Awards, a global competition for aftermarket technical service personnel is officially open for registration for all Volvo Trucks or Volvo Buses technicians. This year, up to 20,000 technicians from Volvo Trucks and Volvo Buses global dealer network, including from Malaysia, are expected to participate.

Volvo Trucks_Volvo Buses_VISTA_Volvo International Service Training AwardsThe VISTA competition not only aims to benchmark technical skills, but also to encourage teamwork and pride. By encouraging teamwork and skill enhancement, VISTA targets to further up-skill, attract and maintain skilled technicians. It also inspires self-improvement and competence development on technical skills, which in turn helps to increase technical knowledge and the quality of work and ultimately leads to improved customer service and greater customer satisfaction.

Volvo Trucks_Mitch Peden_Managing Director_Volvo MalaysiaMitch Peden, Managing Director of Volvo Malaysia said, “VISTA is much more than a competition. It is a simulation of the workshop environment that aims to build competency and share expertise, in addition to motivate and foster teamwork and collaboration among our technicians. It is also a way for Volvo Trucks to address the challenges of recruiting and retaining competent workshop technicians. At the end of the day our customers also benefit with better service to them through improved skills and teamwork enhancement.”

Having highly skilled and motivated technicians will enable Volvo Trucks’ workshops to carry out fault diagnosis and fix trucks’ problems in a timely manner at high quality standards. These skills are key in helping customers achieve maximum uptime for their trucks.

Volvo Trucks_Volvo Buses_VISTA_World Championship_Aftermarket Technical Services Competition“A top-of-the-line service network is crucial for our customers’ logistics and haulage business,” said Roger Alm, President of Volvo Trucks. “VISTA shows just how important our mechanics are and, at the same time, the competition improves our skills so we can deliver outstanding service provided by the best service crews in the world.”

The VISTA competition began in 1957 and was originally a competition held only in Sweden for Volvo technicians. By 1977, VISTA had spread across all continents, attracting authorized Volvo dealers from all over. Today, VISTA is a biennial event and the biggest competition for aftermarket technical service personnel in the world.

Volvo Trucks_Volvo Buses_VISTA_Aftermarket Technical Services CompetitionVISTA is open to all Volvo Trucks and Volvo Buses dealerships and their technicians worldwide. A total of 50 teams, with each team made up of four aftermarket service personnel, from Volvo Malaysia’s network of dealerships across the country will be taking part. The teams will need to complete several rounds of theoretical and technical tests before a winning team is announced.

The winning team from Malaysia, as well as winning teams from other participating countries, will meet in the semi-finals in Gothenburg, Sweden in May 2020. Several top teams will then proceed to compete for the final global championship in Turin, Italy in September 2020.

“The team from Volvo Trucks Malaysia that made it into the semi-finals in Sweden in the previous 2018/2019 VISTA competition had gained invaluable experiences from this global competition. Their improved knowledge and skills acquired from VISTA were applied in their day-to-day work and it has been successfully reflected in our employees’ competency level,” Peden added.


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