Aman Logistik Sdn Bhd Buys Four Flagship Volvo Trucks

Aman Logistik Sdn Bhd Buys Four Flagship Volvo Trucks

Logistics company, Aman Logistik Sdn Bhd has bought four flagship Volvo Trucks – the heavy-duty Volvo FH16. Aman Logistik is an integrated logistics solution provider for a wide range of services covering land, sea and air consignments, including forwarding and warehousing. The company is recognised as a leading specialist in the transportation of heavy haulage and oversized cargo, including beam launching and infrastructure works.

Volvo Trucks Malaysia_Volvo FH16_Aman Logistik_Prime Mover_Heavy Duty Truck_Mitch Peden“The delivery of the Volvo FH16 trucks to Aman Logistik reflects a positive extension of our solid sales performance in 2018, where we are continuing the growth of our premium flagship heavy-duty Volvo FH series,” said Mitch Peden, Managing Director, Volvo Trucks Malaysia, at the recent handover ceremony to Aman Logistik.

“Our business as a leading logistics provider of demanding heavy haulage requires us to use vehicles that are truly powerful, robust, safe and fuel efficient. It is crucial that the trucks add value to our business and customers, reduce operating costs and increase productivity over the vehicle’s lifetime,” commented Kenny Tee, Managing Director, Aman Logistik Sdn Bhd.

“We have also requested for Volvo Trucks to customize our trucks by adding a few more air tanks to facilitate the transportation of very heavy loads over long distance, which I am very pleased that they are able to do. With this, I believe the Volvo FH16 is the truck that we have been seeking for in our growing business,” added Tee.

Volvo Trucks Malaysia_Aman Logistik_FH16_Prime Mover_Heavy Duty Truck_Tractor Unit_Logistics“The Volvo FH16 is the ultimate machine for customers who demand extra capability, power and performance. As a premium heavy-duty truck, it offers massive torque and power, best-in- class fuel economy, reliability and safety,” said Peden.

Peden added that the Volvo FH16 is customisable to maximise productivity and can withstand the heaviest and most demanding operations on a variety of road conditions and terrain. It is also highly capable of handling deliveries of oversized and super-heavy loads.

Volvo FH Series Truck Gear Lever, MalaysiaThe Volvo FH series pushes the limits of what a premium truck can offer and is equipped with technology that creates ultimate onboard safety, a more economical driveline and high uptime. One of the FH16’s unique features is its I-Shift technology transmission with ultra-low crawler gears which allows the truck to drive at speeds as low as 0.5 – 2 km/h and start off from standstill while hauling 325 tonnes of payload. This technology offers a completely new opportunity for heavy trucks with automated transmissions to control their speed when hauling heavy loads. The improved driveability makes it much easier to operate in challenging terrains such as construction sites, mines or when driving up steep roads and hills.

“So far, the robust sale performance of Volvo FH indicates that this model is setting a benchmark in premium high-performance truck category and making measurable positive impact on our customers’ business profitability and competitive advantage,” he added.



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