‘Tap & Go with Mastercard Contactless at Caltex’ Winner Gets A Mercedes-Benz...

‘Tap & Go with Mastercard Contactless at Caltex’ Winner Gets A Mercedes-Benz SUV

The ‘Tap & Go with Mastercard Contactless at Caltex’ winner has his hands on a Mercedes-Benz SUV. This joint promotion between Chevron Malaysia Ltd, which markets the Caltex brand, and Mastercard was aimed at promoting the use of the Mastercard contactless credit card at Caltex service stations. Mr Chan Kow Chai from Selangor is the lucky customer rewarded with a Mercedes-Benz GLC 200 Exclusive Line SUV for using the contactless feature at Caltex.

Chevron Malaysia_Caltex, Mastercard Tap & Go Promotion 2018, Grand Prize Mercedes-Benz GLC 200“The ‘Tap & Go’ promotion was something that piqued my interest – the shiny Mercedes definitely stood out from the many other contests I have seen. Winning a brand new car is definitely something I did not expect but it has indeed made my journey a truly memorable one. Ever since I could remember, Caltex has always been my number one fuel of choice because of the quality of its fuel. Now with the addition of contactless payment at outdoor pumps, this has given me assurance speed and convenience when fueling my vehicle,” said a delighted Mr Chan.

Shahid Ahmed, Country Chairman of Chevron Malaysia Limited said, “We are committed to enhancing every consumer’s journey at our service stations nationwide and ensuring that Caltex delivers value-added services, on top of quality products. As the first-ever fuel provider in Malaysia to provide contactless payment technology at outdoor payment terminals at our service stations, we are certain this service will guarantee our consumer’s satisfaction by providing convenience and saving them time.”

“Chevron is committed to be a part of accelerating the country’s migration to electronic payments and realizing Bank Negara Malaysia’s vision in producing a cashless society in Malaysia. With Mastercard’s support, our commitment to being at the forefront of the evolving payment technology remains a priority and we are constantly maximizing our efforts to meet the consumers’ growing demands,” added Shahid.

Chevron Malaysia_Caltex_Mastercard_Tap & Go Contactless Promotion_Mercedes-Benz GLC 200Meanwhile Mr Perry Ong, Country Manager, Malaysia & Brunei, Mastercard said, “Mastercard would like to congratulate all winners and thank them for choosing contactless when making payments at Caltex. With the collaboration, Mastercard can continue to deliver on the commitment to reduce cash and increase e-payments by positioning contactless as a safe, convenient and swift way to pay for everyday purchases anytime and anywhere, in line with Malaysia’s cashless society agenda.”

During the ‘Tap & Go with Mastercard Contactless at Caltex’ campaign, over 131 premium prizes i.e. 30 Honda BeAT scooters and 100 Mastercard cards preloaded with RM1,000 were given away to lucky cardholders who fueled their vehicles at Caltex using a Mastercard card.

For more information on Caltex’s upcoming offers and promotions, visit www.caltex.com.my or https://www.facebook.com/Caltex.Malaysia/.


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