Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Training Academy Continues To Grow Local Talent

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Training Academy Continues To Grow Local Talent

With a growing customer base and with modern cars becoming increasingly more complex, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia (MBM) recognises the need to bolster its skilled workforce to support its servicing network and keep its customers happy, and the Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Training Academy has the enviable task of supplying the brand’s growing dealership network with qualified technicians.

Recently the MBM Training Academy celebrated the graduation of a new group of 26 apprentices from the Automotive Mechatronic Training programme. The Academy has so far trained at least 827 globally-certified local apprentices since its establishment.

The 26 graduates received three certifications i.e. the Mercedes-Benz Automotive Mechatronic Training Certificate; the Mercedes-Benz Qualified Maintenance Technician Certificate; and the National Dual Training System (NDTS) Certificate, which is equivalent to the Malaysia Skills Certificate Level 3, a certification recognised by the Department of Skills Development under the Ministry of Human Resources, Malaysia.

“The development of our nation’s youth and providing them with a bright career path continues to be a passion for us at Mercedes-Benz Malaysia. We are very proud to see our young talents transform from trainees into globally certified technicians. These graduates form the foundation of our network and enable us to deliver the Best Customer Experience, an assurance that all Mercedes-Benz customers and fans have come to trust. We look forward to nurturing more Malaysian youth and sustainably Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Corporate Communications contribute towards the nation’s demand for highly skilled talent in the automotive industry,” said MBM President and CEO, Dr Claus Weidner at the graduation ceremony attended by the graduates and their parents.

At the ceremony, the Academy also presented the Class of 2018 Best Student Award to Wong Shiong Heng. The 23 year-old from Negeri Sembilan was affirmed for his outstanding achievement over the three-year training period in the areas of academics, performance, attendance and attitude.

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Training Academy, Apprentice Training, Wong Shiong Heng Class of 2018 Best Student AwardThrilled to be donning the silver-star as a certified apprentice, Wong shared his thoughts on his achievement and experience. “I was surprised when I heard my name called out for the Best Student Award. I feel that all the effort I put in has paid off. When I first started the course, I found the teaching method very different from what I have experienced in the past. The course emphasised heavily on attitude, punctuality and discipline. I took it as a challenge, I persevered and my hard work paid off. I am thankful for the support of my family, trainers and peers. They have all contributed to helping me achieve the Best Student Award,” said Wong.

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Vice President, Customer Services, Heinrich Schromm commented, “To deliver the Best Customer Experience is to take our customers on an unparalleled journey of premium care and the best services. A key element of this journey is ensuring every Mercedes-Benz customer and vehicle is cared for by a team of highly qualified consultants, diagnosticians and technicians. What sets us apart is our ability to stay a step ahead by ensuring that the Training Academy is constantly facilitated with the latest technologies and processes, and is always being reviewed to ensure it is the best programme we can offer. This is what makes the MBM Vocational Training programme a benchmark worldwide.”

Subsequent to the completion of a three-year training programme, the apprentices will be absorbed into MBM’s extensive network of Autohauses and service centres nationwide. These apprentices will have a variety of career opportunities available – from Qualified System Technician, with the possibility of being promoted to Certified Diagnosis Technician or Certified Service Advisor, to working in other areas of operations such as product planning.

“The formal education phase may have ended with the graduation ceremony, however learning never stops which is why we continue to provide up-skilling courses throughout the career path of our people in line with our life-long learning philosophy. Further professional development have seen our graduates obtain the C-management certification and move on to become workshop managers, senior managers and dealer principles in the network or even pursue management roles at the Mercedes-Benz Malaysia headquarters,” shared Dr Weidner.

The Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Training Academy began to take in 60 trainees per year starting in 2017 over a three-year programme, the new Advanced Modern Apprenticeship. Based on training guidelines set by Daimler AG, the parent company of Mercedes-Benz Malaysia, the Training Academy maintains a trainee ratio of one trainer to 15 trainees to ensure optimum quality in the delivery of its modules. The three-year course comprises a 70% practical-based curriculum, which includes 30% on-the-job-training, and 30% theory-based curriculum. The apprentices are exposed to a wide range of skills including presentation, analysis, decision making, system thinking, mentoring, self-discipline and teamwork skills to prepare them for the working world.

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia and its dealer network invest over RM100,000 per trainee for the implementation of the training programme.

The next intake of trainees will begin in July 2018. You can submit your application form via


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