Continental Launches ContiConnect Tyre Monitoring Platform For Trucks And Buses

Continental Launches ContiConnect Tyre Monitoring Platform For Trucks And Buses

L-R: Frederic Quaranta, Market Manager Malaysia, Philippe Barabinot, Head of Sales & Marketing, Business Region APAC Truck Tires, Winson Khoo, National Sales Manager at the launch of ContiConnect.

Continental ContiConnect Launch, Malaysia, Mercedes-Benz, Actros Prime MoverMalaysia leads a worldwide debut with a successful pilot run of the ContiConnect digital tyre monitoring platform by technology and tyre company, Continental. While owners of some modern cars enjoy a (simpler) tyre pressure monitoring system built in their cars, the same can’t be same of trucks and buses. Furthermore, monitoring and managing four tyres, even without a pressure monitoring system, is relatively easier than a truck or bus with six, ten or more tyres. Additionally, manually checking the air pressure frequently can damage the valve; the inner tyres on the rear axle are also hard to reach. Extrapolate that to a fleet of constantly mobile heavy vehicles and you can see how it can a problem.

Continental ContiConnect Tire Monitoring System Components, MalaysiaThis is where the 147-year-old technology company and tyre manufacturer has created an efficient solution to make commercial fleets more efficient and safer at the same time. This system allows for remote tyre monitoring so fleet managers are able to see tire pressure and temperature data for the entire fleet in a single web portal, every time the trucks or buses return to the fleet yard. ContiConnect enables fleet managers to maximise efficiency with routine tyre maintenance and effectively improve up-time of their vehicles. Tyre cost is a small fraction of overall fleet cost but can impact fuel and repair costs, and opportunity cost.

As such, Continental’s Commercial Tire Vehicles division initiated this intelligent solution with the key objective of lowering overall driving costs for commercial vehicle fleets. ContiConnect helps fleets lower their costs and increase uptime by:

  • saving maintenance time
  • protecting tires from long-term damage
  • reducing tire-related breakdowns and tire wear
  • improving fuel efficiency
  • improving safety for all road users

Identifying and resolving tire issues immediately upon return to the fleet yard helps protect the tire from long-term damage, ensuring maximum removal miles and improved casing retreadability. Continental’s tyre sensors can identify creeping air loss which is one of the major causes of tyre failure, before it would typically be noticed in a pre- or post-trip inspection. This helps to reduce tyre-related breakdowns on the road. Additionally, verifying proper tyre inflation guarantees the highest possible fuel efficiency to save fuel costs, reduce tyre wear for longer tyre life, and help to prevent tyre blowouts for optimal safety.

The sensor that is attached to the inner wall of the tyre.
The sensor that is attached to the inner wall of the tyre.

The ContiConnect system is a remote tyre monitoring platform that does not depend on a telematics or over-the-road connection. Tyre data is collected via sensors, which are mounted on the inner liner of the tyre to prevent damage from kerbing, eliminate theft, and ensure accurate readings of pressure and temperature. The sensors cost approximately 10% of the tyre and is said to last up to six years.

As the trucks (or buses) enter the fleet yard, the yard reader station picks up data from the sensors and transmits it to the ContiConnect web portal via a cellular network. The fleet manager can then access the web portal and analyse the data and view reports and analytics for all tyres equipped with the sensors. The platform also features customisable text and email notifications, so the fleet manager, maintenance supervisor, or other personnel can receive immediate alerts when low tyre pressure or high tyre temperature is recorded. This allows fleets to act proactively to fix issues rather than spend valuable time performing manual pressure checks.

“It is such an exciting time for Continental in Asia Pacific. The pilot test we ran on ContiConnect in Malaysia and Thailand showed promising results. We are excited to share with our customers how ContiConnect can offer our brand promise of lowest overall driving cost and optimize fleet efficiency. This is an important step Continental is taking towards becoming an integrated solutions provider,” adds Philippe Barabinot, Head of Sales & Marketing, Business Region APAC Truck Tires.

Continental offers a range of digital tyre monitoring systems to fit a fleet’s individual business needs. The ContiPressureCheck™ tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is simple to install and constantly displays real-time tyre pressure and temperature to the driver via an in-cab display, along with alerts if issues are identified. This helps protect drivers from top tyre-related safety concerns.

Fleet managers who are interested in seeing real-time tyre data via a telematics solution can also benefit from ContiPressureCheck. The tyre pressure monitoring system offers data integration with multiple telematics providers. Integration allows tyre data to be seen in both the providers’ in-cab displays and back-end portals.


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