More Dealers Showing Confidence In Proton; Upgrading To 3S & 4S

More Dealers Showing Confidence In Proton; Upgrading To 3S & 4S

Judith Yam, Director of Atiara Johan Sdn Bhd with Dr Ho of PROTON
Judith Yam, Director of Atiara Johan Sdn Bhd with Dr Ho of PROTON

More dealers are showing their confidence in the PROTON brand by agreeing to upgrade their dealerships to 3S and 4S centres. The second batch of the Dealers Network Upgrade agreement signing was recently held at the PROTON Centre of Excellence with another 5 dealers in attendance.  The agreements were signed between Dr Ho Tuck Sum, Head of Sales and Network Planning, PROTON, with Dato’ Shamshudin Nor, Director of Pantai Bharu Corporation Sdn Bhd, Liew Vee Lee, Director of Harima Automobil (M) Sdn Bhd, Judith Yam Siew Chu, Managing Director of Atiara Johan (M) Sdn Bhd, Mohd Nazrin Bin Mohamad Fozi, Director of Rahman Brothers Automotive Sdn Bhd and Leong Chue Chye, Managing Director of Hoi Keen Services Sdn Bhd.

Dr Li Chunrong, Chief Executive Officer of PROTON, Dato’ Radzaif Mohamed, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of PROTON, as well as senior management of PROTON were also present at the ceremony.

With more dealers planning to upgrade their outlets, PROTON is confident that the brand is headed in the right direction to expand its business and grow market share.

Dr Li Chunrong Proton CEO, Zhejiang Geely“There must be a reason why Malaysians are fascinated with the Tiger. The PROTON logo itself has the image of a roaring Tiger. Surely it represents boldness, courage and a spirit of survival. Just like us now at this point, taking it all in our stride, we will move ahead to ensure we continue to remain relevant and competitive in the automotive industry, by delivering to you top of the class products, quality and services. Hence, it is only natural that our dealers have agreed to upgrade their premises to 3S and 4S, as they believe that treating customers well with the best possible sales and service experience is not an option – it is a must,” said Dr Li.

“For me, the fact that we have more dealers joining in to upgrade their outlets speaks volume. This shows that there are businessmen out there who believe in the PROTON brand and have utmost confidence that this partnership with PROTON will elevate to greater heights and increase brand presence in the industry,” he continued.

Rabitah binti Shamshudin, Director of Pantai Bharu Corporation Sdn Bhd exchanging the signed agreement with Dr Ho.
Rabitah binti Shamshudin, Director of Pantai Bharu Corporation Sdn Bhd exchanging the signed agreement with Dr Ho.

Dato’ Shamshudin Nor, a veteran in the automotive industry and Director of Pantai Bharu Corporation Sdn Bhd commented, “We are confident with the brand and that is why we have been in PROTON business for the past 32 years. After my trip to Geely, we trust that PROTON will turnaround. With the technology that Geely has, we believe we are able to compete on par, if not better, with other players in the automotive industry. The decision to upgrade to a 3S centre is quite timely”.

On his thoughts of what keep a business sustainable and successful, Dato’ Shamshudin Nor has this to say. “It is always about great teamwork, and the ability to work with each other’s strengths. The market is moving at a very fast pace, hence we also need to keep up with great products in addition to excellent services, as these are what customers expect when they walk in to a car showroom”.

For Liew Vee Lee, Director of Harima Automobil, who is upgrading to a 4S centre, “We have been a PROTON dealer since 1986. PROTON has found a good partner in Geely and this partnership will see us drive together into a better future. I am confident that with the improvement in quality and competitive priced cars, as well as good after sales service, it is certainly moving in the right direction”.

Mohd Nazrin Bin Mohamad Fozi of Rahman Brothers Automotive Sdn Bhd, who is upgrading to a 3S centre opines that, “I envision that with the new set-up of PROTON outlets and the improvements that have been implemented, we will eventually be able to increase our sales and on our way to become number 1 again in Malaysia.”

In its attempt to revitalise sales, PROTON is raising its game to ensure that customer satisfaction remains a key priority, and thus PROTON dealers will have a standard process for sales and services offered to all customers.

To help existing dealers improve and upgrade for better customer experience, PROTON had initiated the incentive programme to upgrade to 3S and 4S centres; this programme is also catered to those who wish to join as new PROTON dealers. According to Dato’ Shamshudin, “PROTON has a very attractive dealer incentive programme, and believes that the Company is working out solid plans to ensure the changing of the facade of the building will give stronger brand presence which modern day customers can relate to when they walk in and consider looking for a car”.

“The current outlet area is packed with other dealer showrooms. However, our new dealer outlet is at the front of the road, which will showcase a bigger showroom and a bigger service area. The new area will give a feel good factor with ample parking space, so customers can come in anytime without having the hassle to look for car park,” added Dato’ Shamshudin.

For Liew, he finds the incentive programme “Very encouraging to all dealers to upgrade their showroom and workshop in order to serve as a one-stop centre for our customers. Moreover it is a new concept and this serves to entice the customers to go around our showroom and get details about a Proton car while waiting for their car to be serviced”.

Mohd Nazrin echoed the thoughts of his dealer peers. ”It is good that PROTON implements this dealership programme. It shows that they are serious in moving forward and is serious to provide the same assistance to dealers, for the purpose of increasing brand image to provide excellent sales and services experience”.

In the meantime, PROTON is offering a festive promotion for all models, with discounts of up to RM13,888*. This is available at any PROTON dealership nationwide until 31 January 2018.

More information can be found here: PROTON Customer Care at 1800 888 398; Or you can visit or the official Facebook page at

For added convenience, you can download the official MyProton mobile app from Google Play or Apple App Store.

*Discounted value varies by models. Promotion valid until 31 January 2018, subject to terms and conditions.


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