Proton Incentivises Dealership Upgrade

Proton Incentivises Dealership Upgrade

L-R: Dato’ Sri Tee Boon Kee (Director, Vantage Speed Sdn Bhd), Mr Lee Chee Hong (Director, Bunga Raya Auto Credit Sdn Bhd), Encik Azry Ibrahim (Director, Baiduri Auto Sdn Bhd), Tuan Haji Aref Tan Sri Borhan (Director, Baiduri Auto Sdn Bhd), Dr Li Chunrong (Chief Executive Officer Proton), Dato’ Radzaif Mohamed (Deputy Chief Executive Officer Proton), Ms Irene Chay Fong Meng (Setia Gemilang Auto Sdn Bhd), Mr Lee Thiam Siew (Bunga Raya Auto Credit Sdn Bhd), Mr Andrew Quek Tze Kean (Director, Setia Gemilang Auto Sdn Bhd), Mr Chong Kok Boon (Vantage Speed Sdn Bhd), Encik Abdul Rashid Musa (Vice President, Sales and Marketing Proton), Dr Ho Tuck Sum (Senior Manager, Sales & Network Planning, Proton), Mr Richard Teoh Leng Teck (Deputy Chief Financial Officer, Proton).

Four Proton dealers signed on to upgrade their outlets to 3S and 4S centers as part of the first batch of Proton’s Dealers Network Upgrade initiative. The agreements were signed at the Proton Centre of Excellence between Abdul Rashid Musa, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, PROTON; Azry Ibrahim, Director of Baiduri Auto Sdn Bhd; Lee Chee Hong, Managing Director of Bunga Raya Auto Credit Sdn Bhd; Andrew Quek Tze Kean, Director of Setia Gemilang Auto Sdn Bhd; and Dato’ Sri Tee Boon Kee, Director of Vantage Speed Sdn Bhd.

Also present at the ceremony were Chief Executive Officer of Proton, Dr Li Chunrong and Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Proton, Dato’ Radzaif Mohamed, and senior management of Proton.

The four dealers have taken up Proton’s proposal to upgrade their outlets into one-stop centres which provide essential services such as sales and after-sales services, sale of parts and body and paint services.  The upgraded outlets will feature a new look and feel which is in line with the company’s new guidelines and image, and will enable the dealers to provide Proton owners with a better ownership experience. The upgrading plan is also to prepare the dealers for the introduction of Proton’s first SUV.

“Now you do not have to go from one place to another just to get your car fixed. We will ensure that the upgraded outlets can cater to all your sales and service needs, which ultimately saves you time. Proton should not only sell cars but also provide quality services to our customers as providing a first class customer experience is utmost important to our company and brand,” Dr. Li explained.

“At the same time we want to make the upgraded outlets look more refreshing and modern. We want you, the customers, to walk in to a Proton showroom and feel important. We also want you to feel comfortable while waiting for your car to be serviced or when you shop around for a new Proton car. It is a whole new experience deployed for customer satisfaction,” added Dr. Li.

Andrew Quek of Setia Gemilang concurred, saying “The renovation of our upgraded outlets will most likely be completed by the second quarter of 2018. By then we will have a luxurious showroom which can accommodate 11 display cars, 14 service hoists, 10 body and paint bays, 30 customer parking lots as well as a new lounge area, so that our customers can seat and relax comfortably while waiting and being attended to”.

Proton Dealer Network Upgrade, Bunga Raya Auto Credit Sdn Bhd MalaysiaFor Bunga Raya Auto Credit, Lee Chee Hong mentioned that their decision to upgrade from 1S+2S to a-3S centre was based on their confidence in the Proton brand. He mentioned, “The decision to upgrade is based on the confidence in the future roadmap and potential of Proton. We strongly believe that Proton products will be of premium quality with an excellent positioning in the Malaysian automotive market, and our commitment is to deliver excellent customer experience”.

Proton Dealer Network Upgrade, Baiduri Auto Sdn Bhd - MalaysiaAref Borhan of Baiduri Auto, explained that the decision to upgrade to a 4S centre was based on the fact that its current 1S+2S centre is not customer-centric. “Customers are always left wandering and searching where to go the moment they have a service fix need. There was no proper follow-up, advice and support given to customers. This was made worse by delays in solving complaints and issues which resulted in frustrations and these weaknesses can mainly be solved if only we have a 4S centre. It is time we put our past behind us and move forward”.

Dato’ Sri Tee Boon Kee of Vantage Speed added that, ”With the growth of our business, we find that it is imperative to offer a one-stop solution under one roof to our customers. This will enhance the confidence of our customers from the point of deciding to purchase a Proton car and to maintain this investment for years to come. With the full range of service under one roof, we aim to enhance customer service and excellent experience of owning a Proton car”.

To support its dealers in the upgrade plans, Proton is offering a competitive incentive support scheme to the dealers. The offer is also open to those who wish to participate in new Proton dealerships. “To expand our business we need partners who are serious to sell our cars. We are in this business for the long term and we place great interest to keep our customers happy and satisfied. We also understand that to succeed, you need equally good business proposals and monetary support, hence the incentive support scheme by Proton is one-of-its-kind in the market being offered to those who plan to expand or upgrade their dealership business to 3S and 4S centres respectively,” continued Dr. Li.

Dato’ Sri Tee Boon Kee shared that the key to successful business is to provide customers with a good experience when they own a Proton car. According to him, “With the newly launched support programme, Proton dealers upgrading to 3S and 4S centres will be able to effectively increase its marketing thrust to further strengthen the brand and build customer confidence”.

“This dealer incentive support scheme helps me in terms of investment. It is also good as it encourages entrepreneurship. This will allow us to be more competitive as we are able to provide the best in terms of sales and services to our customers. Additionally it helps with my return on investments,” Andrew Quek elaborated.

Putting customers at the forefront in every business aspect, Aref Borhan said that, ”This is an excellent support plan. This scheme motivates us to deliver better for our customer experience. We feel appreciated as dealers that PROTON acknowledged the effort and investments we have to put in for the renovation and upgrading works”.

Lee Chee Hong added that, “The current incentive support scheme offered by Proton to dealers shows a mutual business partnership commitment. As a dealer we have the utmost respect and commitment for the brand and likewise Proton has shown dealers their mutual respect and cooperation”.

More information can be obtained by contacting Proton Customer Care (1800 888 398) or You can also visit or

Proton has a MyProton mobile app, available in Google Play and Apple App Store, for its customers’ convenience.


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