First Karting Slalom To Be Held At Malaysia Autoshow 2017

First Karting Slalom To Be Held At Malaysia Autoshow 2017

The Malaysia Autoshow will be hosting the inaugural Karting Slalom at the Malaysia Autoshow 2017 this November (9 – 12). The Karting Slalom is aimed at providing a low cost platform to unearth new and young talents.

Slalom Karting Malaysia Autoshow 2017It is a way to draw more young people into motorsports and to educate them on the basics of driving and driving safety; these safe driving techniques will hopefully transfer from the track to the road.

Karting Slalom first debuted in Germany a few¬† years ago and is gaining popularity. It’s suitable for drivers as young as 8 years old, sas it is more a test of skill than speed.

Malaysia Autoshow Karting Slalom 2017 Datuk MadaniAt the media introduction and test drive of the Karting Slalom event, Datuk Madani Sahari, Chief Executive Officer of the Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI) said, “Karting Slalom is a new category designed by the Commission Internationale de Karting – Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (CIK-FIA) and is targeted at young people who have never competed in motorsports before.”

“We are very excited to note that we will be the first to host a Karting Slalom in Malaysia. I believe this event will provide good exposure for young motorsports enthusiasts and more importantly, to also discover hidden talents for early nurturing. Karting Slalom is definitely an excellent sporting activity for parents and children to enjoy at the upcoming Malaysia Autoshow 2017,” Datuk Madani added.

Malaysia Autoshow Slalom Karting Test Drive 2017In Karting Slalom, the driver handles the kart through an obstacle course at a controlled speed. The karts will be limited to close to walking pace and any deviation from the course will incur penalties. As such, this activity requires just a small area of space, 2 karts, safety gear, cones and timing equipment.

Participants of the Karting Slalom at the Malaysia Autoshow 2017 will drive the kart around the slalom one at a time where they’ll be electronically timed. Participants are advised to wear heavy full-length trousers with socks and covered shoes, a long-sleeved jacket and full gloves. Helmets will be provided.

Malaysia Autoshow Slalom Karting 2017 Paul DavidAlso present at the event was Paul David, Vice President and one of the founders of Kelab Kart Selangor dan Wilayah Persekutuan (KKS). KKS is an affiliate of AAM (Automobile Association of Malaysia) which is the sole National Sporting Authority for 4-wheel and 2-wheel motorsports in Malaysia, and is recognized by FIA, FIM (Federation Internationale de Motorcyclisme) and CIK. “We are very happy to be working with the MAI and to be the first to bring Karting Slalom to Malaysia. This is a first step towards having a Malaysian Karting Slalom Championship next year,” said David.

The participation fees for the respective age groups are as follows:

8 years to 13 years : RM 10

14 years to 18 years : RM 20

18 years and above : RM 30

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