Want To Own A Porsche 911 At A Fraction Of The Price?

Want To Own A Porsche 911 At A Fraction Of The Price?

Porsche 911… a name even those disinterested in cars recognize. This is one of the few cars which hasn’t strayed from its original design since its debut some 5 decades ago; and it has contributed to over 30,000 victories in various races for the Porsche brand, a feat hardly met by any other brand.

REC Watches 901 Automatic Collection Sketch, Porsche 911But not all Porsches last forever and a boutique watchmaker called REC Watches has come up with a novel plan to give some classic 911s a new lease of life. REC works on the premise of RECover, RECycle and REClaim and will be turning old Porsche 911s into timepieces. This isn’t the first time they have re-purposed cars however; they have previously made watches from old Minis and Ford Mustangs.

The watches made from salvaged Porsche 911s will be part of the 901 Collection (901 was the original name for the 911 until Peugeot objected to the use of ‘0’ as the middle digit) and will go live on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform on 31 March 2017.

The 901 Collection will use the Miyota 9100 automatic movement with 26 jewels and a power reserve of 40 hours. Porsche 911 aficionados will recognize the back of the watch case which is inspired by Otto Fuchs’ rim design, complete with a rotor that resembles a brake disc.

Next to the lugs (the part which connects to the straps) is a minute reference to the 911 rear grille, while the side profile of the case is shaped like the wide fenders of the 911 Turbo. Additionally, the watch crown is etched with a horn cap design, and the hands are reminiscent of gauge needles from 911s of yesteryear. The VIN plate cut-away area on the side of the case is a reference to the number plate cut-in design of the modern 991s.


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