Petron Malaysia Launches Prepaid Fleet Card For SMEs

Petron Malaysia Launches Prepaid Fleet Card For SMEs

Petron Malaysia has launched the Petron Prepaid Fleet Card as an alternative to its regular ‘postpaid’ fleet card. This new prepaid card is targeted to SMEs (small-medium enterprises) with fewer vehicles and which may not necessarily meet the criteria for a credit limit with Petron.

When preloaded with value, the prepaid card provides the convenience and safety of a cashless transaction for fuel by a company’s employees. The card has a built-in microchip which stores vehicle/driver information and a PIN (personal identification number) must be keyed in to proceed with fueling up, thereby keeping the monetary value safe.

Petron Prepaid Fleet Card Launch Malaysia 2016For the business owner, this prepaid card allows for employee accountability as well as real-time online monitoring of usage. Credit limits, station locations and types of fuel can also be set and restricted; for example, you may not want your employees fueling up with Petron Blaze RON 100 petrol.

The prepaid cards can be used either at the fuel pump terminals or in the Treats store counter. Reloading of the prepaid card value can be done via cash deposit, cheque or Interbank Giro; payment via JomPAY is supposed to be implemented later. Every Ringgit spent via the Prepaid Fleet Card will also gain the customer 1 Petron Miles loyalty point for redemption.

Faridah Ali, Petron Malaysia Head of Retail“As part of our efforts to lead in giving customer convenience, we are delighted to bring this innovative payment option for our customers. Our mission is to help our customers manage their fleet better by enabling a cashless payment system. Our prepaid card comes with many benefits: it is secure, convenient, enables greater control and easy acceptance at any payment terminals,” said Puan Faridah Ali, Head of Retail.

Currently, the prepaid card is available as a ‘Single Card’ system but Petron has plans to launch a ‘Dual Card’ system later in the year which allows multiple drivers access to a fleet of vehicles i.e. it is easier to track who fueled up which vehicle.

Business owners can obtain the Prepaid Fleet Card application forms from any Petron service station. Forms should be submitted with the company’s Business Registration Form to Petron Malaysia headquarters. You should receive your cards in 2 weeks, upon successful application.

Petron currently has about 570 service stations nationwide.

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