Rent A Child Car Seat For Free This Hari Raya Season

Rent A Child Car Seat For Free This Hari Raya Season

We at have been advocating road safety and we’re proud to share that our friends at Driven Communications and Mercedes-Benz Malaysia have a very important and noble project for this Hari Raya Aidilfitri season and it concerns the well-being of your child. If you aren’t aware of the high number of deaths on the road every Hari Raya travel period then you need to get out of your tempurung more often. Mind you, a good number of these deaths could have been avoided simply by just wearing a seat belt (you know, those cases where death is caused by being thrown out of the car?); or in the case of children, by being strapped into a proper car seat.

Driven Communications (better known as has 185 units of ECE R44-compliant child seats (100 ISOFIX and 35 non-ISOFIX seats) sponsored by Mercedes-Benz Malaysia this year and they’re offering FREE child car seat rentals to 185 Malaysian families to use them over the Hari Raya period. The FREE rental period will be for one month (until 31 July 2016).

There are four types of seats available this year: The first is the Koopers Jive convertible child seat, which can be used both rear-facing (0-13 kg) or forward-facing (9-18 kg). This seat can use both ISOFIX and seat belt installation, with a support leg to limit the seat’s movement.

The second is a Koopers Mambo, an ISOFIX-type convertible child seat, which can also be used both rear-facing (0-10 kg) or forward-facing (10-18 kg) and comes with a support leg too.

Next, we have the SNSKIDZ Star convertible car seat, which can be used both rear-facing (0-10 kg) or forward-facing (10-25 kg), as well the SNSKIDZ Pro, a front-facing booster child seat (15-36 kg). These seats use seat belt installation instead of ISOFIX.

If you are one of the 185 to get free usage of the car seats for a month, you will be taught proper installation and use of it.

The most common excuses for not buckling the child in a car seat are:

1) My child will cry non-stop

2) It’s a hassle to buckle up

3) Car seats take up too much space

Well, we think that a crying child (and a bit of hassle) is better than a dead child, don’t you agree? These words may be harsh but that’s the reality of it. So don’t turn a joyous season into a mournful one, visit and fill in the application form.

Bear in mind that if you are the most careful driver in the world, you will have others around you who are less careful. And that’s why it’s important that everyone (adults and children alike) sitting in a moving vehicle buckle up. If you don’t believe words then believe these moving pictures.



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