Best Time to Buy a VW – No down-payment, No Interest

Best Time to Buy a VW – No down-payment, No Interest

This Hari Raya season seems to be the best time to buy a Volkswagen – VW Group Malaysia is having a No Interest, No Down Payment scheme for the Hari Raya festive season. Valid until 31 July, you can walk into any Volkswagen dealership and get this deal.

Six of the Volkswagen range are on offer – namely, the Volkswagen Polo Hatch, the Polo Sedan, the Golf TSi, the Jetta, the Passat and the Tiguan. The savings, depending on the model you select, can be up to RM48,000.

Save RM22k with the Polo YSK_2893
Save RM22k with the Polo

The Polo comes with a model refresh, mostly cosmetic, which include a different front grille, sleeker lights, and reflectors on the rear bumper . In the interior, there is a new silver line that compliments the centre console, and minor styling changes on the steering wheel and meter bezel.

Speaking at the media launch of this Raya campaign, Mr. Armin Keller, Managing Director of Volkswagen Group Malaysia said, “Raya is the most celebrated festive occasion by Muslims and Malaysia’s of other faiths alike. It’s when people travel home to spend time with family and friends. Our aim with this campaign is to make the brand more accessible to Malaysians who desire the performance offered by our cars. Hand in hand with Malaysians, we want to help make this meaningful journey home a great driving experience”.


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