Perodua Axia officially launched

Perodua Axia officially launched

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Perodua’s latest model, the Axia, hits the road today having just been officially launched in Kuala Lumpur this evening. As we’ve reported earlier, the Axia line-up consists of four trim levels with prices spanning from RM24,600 to RM42,530 on-the-road with insurance in Peninsula Malaysia.

The first model to roll out of Perodua’s all-new manufacturing plant in Rawang, the Axia is underpinned by a Daihatsu-sourced platform, but featuring inputs Perodua’s own engineering team for external styling and interior packaging.

A single engine spans the line-up; it is a new aluminium-built 1.0-litre three-cylinder engine generating 67hp and 90Nm. Transmission options consist of a 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic, with fuel consumption rated at 21.6 km/l and 20.1 km/l respectively in the European combined cycle.

The said fuel consumption numbers officially make the Axia the first certified energy efficient vehicle in the country, but there’s a fine print attached to this claim – Perodua advises the use of 0W-20 fully synthetic engine oil for lubrication. It is okay to use regular mineral oil without causing problems to the engine, but the result will be increased fuel consumption in the region of 5-10% from the claimed figures. Keep this in mind at the service centre.

Of the four trim levels on offer, manual is found in the three lower trims, whilst auto is offered in the three higher – base Standard E is manual only, intermediate Standard G and SE have both transmissions, and the range-topping Advanced is sold exclusively with automatic transmission.

From the estimated prices announced initially, Perodua unsurprisingly lowered the final asking price of all variants, with the Standard E variant ready to hit the road at RM24,600 in Peninsula Malaysia with solid paint – metallic paint adds RM400 to the invoice. Equipment levels are unsurprisingly basic at this level, although all-round power windows and dual frontal airbags are standard. The column on the specs sheet for this variant has dashes on things as basic as rear demisters(!), radio, alarm, reverse sensors, and ABS.

Slightly further up comes the Standard G model, which to date has commanded the majority of sales – some 50% of 13,500 orders collected thus far have been for this model, priced at RM29,800 for manual transmission and RM32,800 for the automatic. This version comes with considerably more kit, adding alloy rims, a rudimentary audio system, rear wipers, rear demister, alarm with central locking, and reverse sensors.

Most unique perhaps is the addition of Perodua’s self-developed anti-snatch handbag hook mounted to the right side of the front passenger seat. Rated with a maximum weight of 3kg, it is a latchable hook affixed directly to the seat’s structure on which heavy bags can be hung away from the reach of smash-and-grab assailants.

Further up the food chain comes the more comprehensively-equipped SE model. Sporting an altered fascia with a more elaborate bumper design and projector headlamps, the SE also ups the equipment ante with complimentary security and tinted window film, USB & Bluetooth connectivity, front parking sensors, and most crucially, ABS, EBD, and brake assist. On-the-road with insurance and solid paint, the SE model is priced at RM36,800 for manual transmission with a further RM3,000 required for the convenience of an automatic.

Rounding the range off is the flagship Advance model which comes exclusively with leather seats and GPS touchscreen system. This in an auto-only trim level and is priced at RM42,130 on-the-road with insurance and solid paint.

In conjunction with the Axia’s launch, Perodua has announced that all its models, namely the Axia, Myvi, and Alza, will henceforth be covered by a 5-year / 150,000km factory-backed warranty. The 5-year warranty package replaces the now discontinued 3-year free service programme previously offered as Perodua’s means giving its customers improved aftersales packages.


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