Ford: Going Further to Bring Quality, Green, Safe and Smart Cars to...

Ford: Going Further to Bring Quality, Green, Safe and Smart Cars to Malaysia

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True to its global identity, Ford’s brand promise to go further is visible in all of its business pursuits. From vehicle development to its worldwide automotive operations, from technology research to corporate citizenship, going further for its customers is at the heart of everything Ford does.

All of Ford’s cars, trucks and SUVs are defined by their high quality, green technology, class-leading safety features and smart innovations. In short, Quality, Green, Safe and Smart are the four foundations of a Ford vehicle. Over the past few weeks, Ford has shown you exactly how it goes further to source quality materials, to be a better steward of the environment, to build secure vehicles packed with industry-first safety features and to invent the next generation of automotive smart technologies.

In an effort to articulate its brand promise, Ford spent several years interviewing hundreds of people from all corners of the communities it serves – customers, employees, business leaders, dealers and suppliers – exploring what sets the Ford brand apart from its competitors. From groups as diverse as these, Ford heard one consistent message loud and clear: Ford goes further so that everyone and anyone who deals, buys drives or rides a Ford can go further in their own lives as well.

Going Further: One Ford Plan and Ford’s Industry Leadership

Ford’s fundamental approach to its business strategy – greater cooperation across its global operations, clearer focus and less complexity – make up what it calls the “One Ford Plan”. Ford’s global vehicle portfolio and market presence has expanded worldwide, but the company is working steadily to reduce the number of region-specific vehicles, making clear to customers what makes a Ford a Ford, regardless of geography. This has strengthened its brand identity across the world and has accelerated development of new products that drivers worldwide want and value.

The Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus are prime examples of how Ford has transformed the small car market around the world – and it’s working. Quarter after quarter, Ford wins over increasing numbers of customers worldwide with vehicles that are not only fun to drive, but fuel efficient and packed with class-leading features and technology.

The Ford Focus was the best-selling vehicle nameplate in the world in 2012 and has retained that title for the first half of 2013. In addition, the Ford Fiesta ranks as the fourth best-selling vehicle worldwide and is the world’s best-selling subcompact vehicle through June 2013, demonstrating impressive growth in Ford’s key markets worldwide.

Going Further: Pairing Premium Quality and High Design

Ford was founded on the belief that in order to be a serious contender in the automotive industry, a company must deliver products with an extremely strong emphasis on quality. Across the world, in every Ford product, Ford goes further to ensure vehicles are built strong, run well and look great.

When Ford begins developing or redesigning a new car, its engineers begin with thorough research and testing: robotic high-impact testing and quality inspection, dirt-detecting technology to improve paint surfacing, 3D mapping for more precise construction and more.

In its quest to produce high quality vehicles from the inside out, Ford has not forgotten that quality also means providing customers with pride of ownership, the thrill of owning a truly beautiful product. Ford’s kinetic design – the curve and sleek angles of a vehicle – give it the look of dynamic energy and movement, even when standing still. Vibrant exterior colours, quality interior fabrics, ergonomically-designed interiors, thoughtful driver- and passenger-focused details – Ford’s attention to every aspect of the driving experience ensures that every ride gives Ford owners a reason to congratulate themselves on their purchase.

Going Further: Ford’s Sustainable Business Practices

At Ford, going further as a strong corporate citizen means designing and implementing business practices that hold up to the test of business-savvy sustainability. This means that its business model should create value consistent with the long-term preservation and enhancement of environmental, social and financial capital.

Going further means approaching sustainability as a strategic business goal – not just as a corporate social responsibility tactic. Sustainability issues are key concerns of the business process and Ford does not separate the two in how it conducts business.

Ford’s sustainability strategy focuses on reducing carbon emissions, reducing water usage and waste, supporting and creating responsible supply chain management, advocates for human rights and sets clear goals to these ends:

• To reduce the impacts of climate change by increasing Ford vehicles’ fuel economy and efficiency
• To introduce new engine and transmission technologies, such as the Ford’s EcoBoost® engines that improve fuel economy and reduce CO2 emissions while providing superior driving performance and power
• To find alternative, lower-quality water sources for manufacturing needs and to prioritise water technology investments to decrease production-related water consumption by 2015
• To develop a new global waste reduction strategy, with a goal of reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills by 40 per cent per vehicle by 2016
• To promote responsibility across Ford’s multinational supply chain, encouraging alignment on sustainability, human rights and working conditions

Going Further: Ford’s Best-in-Class Safety

Ford Motor Company’s founder Henry Ford wanted to “put the world on wheels,” and he did – as safely as possible. Ford has long been an automotive safety pioneer – the first to feature standard safety glass, the first to offer safety belts, the first automaker to begin airbag research, the first to offer anti-lock brakes and so much more.

These days, Ford is prioritising cutting-edge safety technology and high-quality construction materials across its line-up. From next-generation airbags to the first-ever inflatable seat belts, to employing high-strength and ultra-high-strength steels in the vehicle frame, Ford is going further to provide peace-of-mind and security to Ford customers and their families.

Ford is also going further by leading the industry in preventing and countering the effects of distracted driving. With hands-free in-car communications and entertainment systems, to Ford’s exclusive Blind Spot Information System alert and Active City Stop, Ford is a frontrunner in keeping drivers’ hands, eyes and minds on the road ahead.

Going Further: Ford’s Astoundingly Innovative Smart Technology

Ford’s smart technology is automotive innovation at its most impressive. Since the company’s founding, Ford has been an industry leader in automotive technology, leveraging these developments to offer drivers remarkable efficiency, maximum performance, modern comforts, thoughtful conveniences and heightened safety and security.

Ford once more goes further with its exclusive EcoBoost engine technology, an intelligent and innovative combination of turbocharging and direct gasoline injection to improve fuel economy and reduce CO2 emissions.

Ford’s exclusive SYNC® system demonstrates Ford’s leadership in developing car connectivity technologies, merging consumers’ love of mobile phones and their vehicles. Seamless communications transitions, hands-free responsiveness, in-car phone call management – all without sacrificing connectivity or taking the driver’s hands and eyes away from the road.

Additional smart technologies that emphasise Ford’s commitment to pushing past the status quo include:

• Active Park Assist – uses an ultrasonic-based sensing system and electric power-assisted steering to position the vehicle for parallel parking, calculating the optimal steering angle to quickly and easily steer the vehicle into the parking spot.
• BLIS – Ford’s Blind Spot Information System with cross-traffic alert is a driver assist feature that helps detect vehicles in blind spots during normal driving and traffic approaching from the sides when reversing out of parking spots.
• Active City Stop – uses a sophisticated light-detecting and ranging sensor to scan the road ahead 50 times every second – more than twice the speed of the movie industry standard frame rate – to help prevent collisions at speeds up to 16km/h, and help reduce the severity of impacts at speeds below 32km/h.
• Curve Control – Curve Control is designed to help drivers maintain control of their vehicle when entering a curve too quickly. The system can apply four-wheel smart braking to reduce vehicle speed by up to 16km/h in approximately one second, keeping the vehicle on the intended path.

Ford has long been an automotive pioneer, known for its revolutionary manufacturing and assembly innovations in the early days of mass-produced automobiles. Ford continues that heritage to this day, – pushing itself beyond what’s available to give customers want today and discovering what customers will want in the days and years to come.

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