Toyota Prius c TRD Sportivo now available

Toyota Prius c TRD Sportivo now available

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UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd has introduced a variant of the Toyota Prius c with a sportier touch, the Toyota Prius c TRD Sportivo, which carries a fiercer appearance thanks to its TRD Sportivo Aerokit package.

Items of the kit are not sold separately, so it is a ‘all-or-nothing’ option for potential owners. The TRD Sportivo Aerokit consists of skirts all-round and LED Daytime Running Lights integrated into each front corner. A black garnish on the front nose further adds to the vehicle’s sportier appearance and sports stripes are emblazoned along the vehicle’s flanks. A TRD Sportivo emblem on the rear door marks it out from a standard Prius c.

Inside, the standard Prius c’s layout is maintained, but on the floor are new TRD Sportivo floor mats with blue stitching. Also fitted as standard on all variants of the Prius c beginning this year is the passenger headrest-mounted bag hook that has been offered in a number of Toyota models already. The accessory incorporates spring-loaded hooks which retract when not in use. In-car entertainment is upgraded wiht a new 2-DIN head unit featuring USB and Bluetooth connectivity.

Toyota’s press materials made no mention of any modifications or enhancements with regards to the Prius c TRD Sportivo’s engine and suspension settings from the standard model.

The new Prius c TRD Sportivo is priced at RM103,990 with insurance, and it sells alongside the standard Prius c, which is offered at RM97,300. Optional accessories, namely the Toyota Standard Solar Film and the DVD-AVN multimedia touchscreen navigation system with reverse camera are available for selection.


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