UTP F1 Cup 2012, 16-17 June 2012 @ Main Hall, UTP

UTP F1 Cup 2012, 16-17 June 2012 @ Main Hall, UTP

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The Mechanical Engineering Club (Meche Club) of Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP), is organizing the UTP F1 Cup 2012 for secondary school students in Malaysia. The competition calls upon students to build their own miniature F1 cars and race them. Winners will be decided based on the fastest cars and most creative presentation.

Featuring the participation of 200 students, and an expected spectator crowd of 500, the event will run from 8:00am to 6:00pm on 16 and 17 June 2012 at the Main Hall of UTP’s campus in Tronoh. It is supported by Sepang International Circuit, Bukit Merah Laketown Resort, Autoworld.com.my, and Asia Media.

Visit the event’s official Facebook page here!


  1. I have so many questions about the UTP F1 Cup 2013.
    Its my first time joining so may i please have more details, like the rules and regulations,
    the criterias and the technicals of the competition that is needed??
    i can’t find it well on the net,
    and actually i read about this UTP’s Formula One Innovative Design Contest,
    it says we have to do a presentation in front of hundreds of people??
    is it the same competition?
    or is it different?
    it seems so similar to me,
    like they have to design a car and all..


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