Aussie cop challenges speed camera

Aussie cop challenges speed camera

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Australian newspaper Herald Sun today reported the case of an unnamed female police officer preparing her court case to challenge the accuracy of a speed camera which twice booked her speeding at 108kph at the Dandenong Bypass bridge on EastLink in Keysborough, Victoria.

The officer is expected to argue that she had her car’s speedo calibrated in 2008 by the police vehicle testing branch, and that her cruise control was set at that time to 98kph. She is also expected to further argue that she had her car tested by a colleague with a laser speed detector.

This case has received support from the police union and interestingly she’s not the first victim of what could be faulty speed camera calibrations. Retired police officer Ken Anderson is another one of many motorists who were booked at exactly 108kph while traveling along Princes Highway. Anderson successfully challenged his case in court and won.

Herald Sun further reported that four speed cameras at the EastLink highway pocketed a total of AU$20 million for the authorities from 136,000 drivers in 2009-10. The Dandenong Bypass camera alone raked in AU$4 million last year.

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