Next-gen Audi A3 to feature sedan variant?

Next-gen Audi A3 to feature sedan variant?

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So, you’re looking to buy an Audi, but you find the A4 to be too big. You then look at the A3, or even the A1, and then you decide, “I still want something with four doors.”

The natural recommendation at that stage for you would be to look at other brands, but if you’ve spent your life as an Audi loyalist, it is unlikely that a Volkswagen Jetta would float your boat. Not a problem, Audi has answered your prayers.


Or should we say, they are likely to be answering your prayers. In the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, Audi will be showcasing an A3 Concept with a sedan bodystyle which previews the next generation Audi A3.

Only sketches are released at this stage for a car which Audi describes as a ‘four-seater notchback sedan’ which ‘offers a glimpse of the future expansion of the A3 family’. In plain English, it means ‘we are making this’.


The A3 Concept occupies a footprint measuring 4.44m by 1.84m. Height is measured at 1.39m. Under the concept’s hood will be a blown five-pot tuned to produce 408hp paired the 7-speed S-tronic dual clutch gearbox and quattro all-wheel drive. For the production models, we can safely expect a bigger variety with the usual assortment of petrol and diesel motors from the VW Group.

So, here we have it, another new niche explored by Audi. We wonder if Mercedes and BMW would respond. B-Class or 1 Series sedans, anyone?



Pictures: Official Audi release


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