Honda Malaysia launches special edition Concept M models

Honda Malaysia launches special edition Concept M models

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Honda Malaysia has just launched a trio of special edition vehicles collectively known as the Concept M models. Named after Honda’s official accessories partners Modulo and Mugen, this new line of vehicles include special editions of the Accord, Civic and Jazz.

“Through an internal survey conducted amongst Honda customers, we found a good number of them showed preference for car accessories that add exclusivity and sportiness to their vehicles, especially those manufactured by Mugen and Modulo. With this finding, and in view of the increasing trend of preference for white shaded vehicles in Malaysia market, we have created a white-coloured fleet of Concept M special edition models to fulfil customers’ demand,” said Encik Rohime Shafie, President and Chief Operating Officer of Honda Malaysia.

All units of the Concept M line are painted in shades of white. The fully-imported Jazz Concept M is finished in Brilliant White Pearl, whilst the Malacca-assembled Civic and Accord Concept M are coloured in the popular Taffeta White.

Limited to 20 units, the Jazz Concept M comes with a full bodykit from Mugen along with Ecotint window films for RM116,800, a full RM7,000 up from what the company asks for the standard Jazz Grade V.

The Civic Concept M, based on the 2.0S, similarly commands a RM7,000 premium over its standard-production sister. Like the Jazz, the Civic Concept M comes with a complete Mugen bodykit and Ecotint film. On top of that, it it also adds a set of pewter grey-coloured Enkei rims. Limited to 210 units, the Civic Concept M goes for RM137,980.

At RM176,800, the Accord Concept M sits RM4,000 north of the standard 2.4 VTi-L on which it was based upon. Unlike the Civic and the Jazz, the Accord gets a Modulo bodykit along with grey leather stitched seats. Also thrown into the package are Ecotint films and a Garmin Nuvi GPS unit. The Accord Concept M is limited to 120 units.

Pictures: Official Honda release.


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