Honda Civic Hybrid dips below RM110k

Honda Civic Hybrid dips below RM110k

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It is not often in our articles that we can quote nearly identical prices for cars in Peninsula Malaysia and the rest of the country, but now we can. One of the key announcements in the recently-tabled Budget 2011 is that tax incentives for hybrid vehicles will not only be extended until 31 December 2011, but will in fact be increased as well.

During this period, hybrid vehicles will be given full exemption of import and excise duties. Benefiting from this reduction, UMW Toyota Motor recently announced an immediate price cut of RM35k for the Prius, and Honda Malaysia has now followed suit for the Civic Hybrid.

From its launch price of RM162,800, the Civic Hybrid’s price tumbled to RM129,980 a year ago, and the latest tax breaks sees its price tag dip below the RM110k mark nationwide. For folks in the Peninsula, the Civic Hybrid can be yours for RM108,980 inclusive of insurance. East Malaysian buyers will need to top up an additional RM1k, whilst buyers from Langkawi and Labuan will have to pay RM100,980.

We expect this to become a real hit.


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